A newsletter regarding the Caire family as they serve God and the Quechua people at Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru
A Hard Couple of Months
On December 31, David had an unusual spell.  He began having nystagmus (where his eyes twitched to the right) and then progressed to having a fixed rightward gaze.  He became confused and discoordinated.  I took him quickly to the ER, where his headache was relieved and he was diagnosed with a basilar migraine.  If you use Google to find information on basilar migraines, his symptoms fit the description very well.  Two months later he had a very big episode that lasted forever (at least to his parents).  He had similar symptoms but stronger, a rightward gaze that was fixed, an inability to talk or communicate, an inability to see well, the inability to follow commands or answer questions appropriately, a loss of coordination so that he could not walk or stand well, vomiting (which bothered me because since he could not control his mouth muscles he could not spit it out), and headache.  I took him again to the ER where his symptoms abated, but this time we did a more thorough evaluation.  Thanks be to God that David's MRI did not demonstrate a tumor, but his EEG demonstrated an area of probable seizure activity.  So he has been diagnosed with seizures.  The same week that he had his second big seizure, Sarah broke her arm and Annie broke a finger.  We were the walking wounded for a while.  David is now on medicine for his seizures, and he has been doing well.  He does not seem to be having any problems tolerating the medication, nor does he appear to have any side effects.  

In the middle of these health issues, we decided to start homeschooling David for a variety of reasons.  He loves homeschooling, and we (his parents) are liking it as well.  We never envisioned ourselves as homeschool parents - frankly I did not think we were organized enough to do it.  But I (Will), am enjoying the time I have with him in the morning.  I will probably never have this opportunity again to see how he learns, what his strengths and weaknesses are, and to watch him mature in his intelligence.  It is a great joy, but when language school ends I will not have the flexibility to be a part of this as my hours will be too demanding in the hospital.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have now.  Of course God is faithful, and we are thankful for the peace he has provided us throughout all of this.  Things could have been a lot worse, and we are so thankful for those who lifted up David and our family in prayer to our heavenly Father who is always with us.
Four More Months!  We are in the last four months of language school.  It is a bit presumptuous to think you can learn a language in one year.  But I guess that is what I was hoping would happen.  It has not, but I am going to make one final push toward better (not complete) mastery of Spanish.  The next four months I will be doing a program called FARO which demands that I spend much of my classtime speaking to people in the street.  I am looking forward to the challenge, and I am excited and hopeful that my ability to understand and speak Spanish will greatly increase during this time.  Please pray for me that I will improve so that I am able to hit the ground running strong when we arrive to work at the hospital in Curahuasi.  Allison is finishing her classes in the next two weeks and will concentrate on homeschooling the kids during the last trimester, focusing on their Spanish skills.

Thank you! We are so thankful for all of you who are supporting us financially and in prayer. God has been generous to us and he has provided what we have needed over and over.  If you are interested in how we are doing please send us an email.  We try hard to answer them (but occasionally we will miss one).  Even better, send us an email to tell us how you are doing!  We love to hear news from our friends back home.
Check out the blog! We have also been much better in updating our blog at  For the last couple months we have had an update nearly every day.  Of course some days are more interesting than others, but it is a great place to know about what is going on with us on a more regular basis.
Prayer Requests:
  • We will finish our last 4 months in Costa Rica well
  • Stamina and retention in learning Spanish
  • Wisdom, insight, and patience for homeschooling
  • Family unity
  • Good health for the entire familly
  • Joy in all circumstances
Will, Allison, David, Peter, Annie, and Sarah Caire
Instituto de Lengua Española
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San José, Costa Rica
América Central

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