A newsletter regarding the Caire family as they serve God and the Quechua people at Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru.



Here I, Allison, sit at our little desk, after a trip to the local farmer's market in a nearby park.  After getting lost and finding my way home, fingertips asleep from the plastic bags cutting off the circulation, I bleach-washed all the produce and hung up some clotheslines for drying our laundry.  Ahh, life has changed in one week!  

Praise to the Lord who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, no matter where we are.  He gave us such an easy trip last Monday.  The attendant who checked our fourteen huge bags curbside did not weigh any of them (and they were all right at 50 pounds, if not a couple of pounds more).  The flight was uneventful and when we arrived in San Jose, we had no holdup in customs and didn't even have to prove or explain what we are doing here.  

The kids are doing wonderfully well.  They have all mentioned missing something about Dallas, mainly their grandparents, but they are finding things to celebrate and be thankful for here.  Having Dad home every day is a huge bonus.  The language school assigns each incoming family a "big brother."  The Thompsons have been super helpful in getting us oriented, taking us to stores to get food and household goods, even having us over for a meal.  Yesterday they took us downtown, where we saw the aritisan market and ate our first real Costa Rican food: arroz con pollo, black beans, fried plantains.  Delicioso!  We have been riding the public buses and walking everywhere, which is all new for the kiddos.  This method of transportation makes Will miss Siri.

All of us are looking forward to the schedule and stimulation of school starting next week.  All the fellow missionary language student families we have met have been wonderful and it is encouraging to hear their stories of how God has brought them here and where He is sending them next.  

We are reconsidering sending the kids to the English and Spanish missionary kids' school that is on the same campus as the language school.  Please pray that we will have wisdom and that if it best to send them, there will be no trouble getting them enrolled.  Please pray for all of us to get settled and to feel that this is home as soon as possible.

Thanks so much to all of you who are here with us in spirit and in prayer.  We appreciate you!
Peter and Sarah enjoy the hammock on the patio
The girls at the park
Go Rangers!
A view of our street-- note the pretty mountains in the background
Will, Allison, David, Peter, Annie, and Sarah Caire
Apartado 100-2350
San Jose, Costa Rica