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The Family Place
Dear Friend of The Family Place,
The holiday season is here and our Adopt-a-Family and Adopt-the-Shelter programs are well underway! However, we do still have families and clients on Safe Campus and in our Outreach Programs who have not been adopted. Help us help them by considering to adopt with one of these two programs!

Your generosity to these families is a wonderful gift that will give back to you in many ways. We thank you so much for your help. This program would not succeed without your support!

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Greg Bosworth at or 214.443.7718.


In our Adopt-a-Family program, we ask that you shop for one of our clients or families, and then we distribute the gifts and wrapping paper to the mom to wrap and give to her kids.  Clients included in this program either live in our transitional housing or our neediest outreach clients.

Here's how it works:
  • Our program has families range in size from single women to moms with up to seven children.
  • Contact our Volunteer Coordinator with the number of family members that you would like to adopt.
  • Based on your response, we will match you with the appropriate sized family, and email you with the details. 
  • You will shop for each member of the family, as well as shop for some wrapping paper, tape and bows to give to the mom to wrap the gifts for her children.
  • Bring the gifts, labeled with the names of the recipients, to our holiday distribution center as soon as you can. The distribution center will open from  Monday, November 26 through Thursday, December 20.
  • The Family Place distributes the gifts to the families.


If you choose to participate in Adopt-the-Shelter, it works like this!
  • Contact our Volunteer Coordinator with your interest in supporting this program.
  • The Family Place provides a general wish list for items from our shelter residents.  Shelter census (women, children, teens, infants) is available upon request if you'd like details. 
  • You or your group decide what types of items to shop for and give.
  • Bring the gifts to our holiday distribution center along with wrapping paper, bows and tape. The distribution center will open from Monday, November 26 through Thursday, December 20.
  • We will distribute the gifts to the Shelter where the women can choose for themselves and their children. The women will also be able to wrap the gifts they choose for their children.
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