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Issue 001

Welcome to our first newsletter, a monthly roundup including news from the crypto x AI space in general, and Valory in particular!

In the news

✦ DAOs’ most pressing issues revealed

Key Problems:

Based on Autonolas’ analysis of top DAOs’ governance proposals, 3 key topics emerged: 

  1. Treasury management 
  2. Protocol management 
  3. Voter participation

DAOs with highest voter participation (up to ~3%) were:
MoonDAO, Safe (then GnosisSafe), BadgerDAO, Silo, Ribbon, Gitcoin, Botto, Aave, Balancer and MeritCircle.

Potential Solutions:

Enabled by AI – specifically, bringing multi-agent systems to crypto for the first time – the Autonolas stack can enable novel solutions to these challenges

✦  Autonolas' 2022 in Review

A grant from Ceramic, 3x services in use and >8,000 commits.

✦  Valory’s new SaaS offering

The quickest way to get up and running with your first Autonolas-powered off-chain service.

✦  Seed round announcement

Valory’s traction boosted by $4 million seed fundraise led by True Ventures – introducing autonomy, Valory & the first autonomous applications.


✦  Autonolas’ open-source Developer Docs 
  • Learn what an autonomous service is, how to build your own and dive into all the open-source code, including:
    • a framework for building them, 
    • a protocol for registering and incentivizing them, and 
    • toolkits to fork existing autonomous services, like the autonomous... fund, NFT art collector DAO, contribution reward coordinator, machine learning oracle, other custom oracles, and much more!

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Autonolas is the open-source stack, enabling the next generation of crypto apps, created by Valory, and the DAO emerging around it.
With Autonolas, DAOs can run critical processes as off-chain decentralized off-chain systems they own. 
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Valory is the VC-backed team of engineers, researchers & commercial thinkers that built the Autonolas stack & is building the first services using it.
Valory is the expert in DAO-owned, decentralized off-chain systems. We offer expert, customized support to those interested in decentralizing & owning their own apps.

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