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Sophia Authors in the News

Sophia authors in the news this month
Catholic speaker, author, and journalist Patti Armstrong interviewed Anthony DeStefano (The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted) about his bestselling children's books.
Breadbox Media's Allison Gingras invited Rose Rea (Spirit and Life) to her podcast, "A Seeking Heart." Find out why she was so inspired by Rose's book!
Theologian and author Thomas D. Williams discussed his beautiful children's book The First Christmas on the Joe Piscopo Show.

New Book Announcements

New Sophia titles this month


New Sophia Videos

Watch our newest book promo videos

As we enter the season of Advent, your whole family can reflect on the birth of Christ with The First Christmas.
The First Christmas

If someone you love has left the faith, you'll cherish the advice and support offered in Maggie Green's new book, The Saint Monica Club.
The Saint Monica Club

Listen to Kevin Wells, author of The Priests We Need to Save the Church, tell the moving story of a priest whose witness brought a total stranger back to the Catholic Faith.
The Priests We Need to Save the Church

Sophia Book Reviews

A selection of reviews of Sophia books
The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted in the National Catholic Register
by Sarah Reinhard

My 4-year-old is convinced that the review books come for him. There's no dissuading him. And in the latest piles of children’s books, I've found some gems that I find myself wanting to reread, too.

At the top of the pile is The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted (Sophia, 2019), my farm boy’s current favorite. The premise is pretty simple: The seed likes being in the drawer and doesn't want to be planted. Spoiler alert: He changes his mind by the end of the story. 

The Imitation of Christ in The Catholic Gentleman
by Sam Guzman

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis is one of the best spiritual books ever written, and after the Bible, it is one of the most printed. But unlike the Bible, most editions of the Imitation are cheaply made. That’s why I was delighted to see that Sophia Institute Press is publishing a gorgeously illuminated heirloom version of this spiritual classic. It will make a stunning addition to your library.


In the Beginning in the Catholic World Report
by Derya M. Little

What a convincing lie the Enlightenment spread. The world was suddenly divided into two: the realm of faith and the realm of reason. The small gap between these realms became a chasm in the hands of Protestants, who did not have the Magisterium or the philosophical background to make sense of the advancement of science. While the realm of faith gave birth to Intelligent Design, the realm of reason produced countless atheists who claimed that science could provide all the answers.

Gerard Verschuuren’s In the Beginning takes apart this false dichotomy not just for the atheist who falls short of explaining why we are here, but also for the Christian who tries to swim against the tide of scientific discovery. Verschuuren is a biologist specializing in human genetics who also holds a doctorate in the philosophy of science. His resume as scientist and a man of faith provides him a unique perspective Catholics need to stand against the tide.

The Priests We Need to Save the Church in the National Catholic Register
by Janet E. Smith

The Priests We Need to Save the Church by Kevin Wells could, in fact, be the book needed to save the faith of many laity and the priesthood of many priests.

It is an understatement to say that our Church is in a dismal state and that those of us who love her more than our own lives are nonetheless tempted to despair: “Can I really remain in a Church so full of corruption of various kinds and where leaders of the Church seem to be jettisoning dogmas and doctrines we have made many sacrifices to live and defend?”

Our love for the sacraments and our conviction that the Catholic Church is the one founded by our beloved Savior keeps us in the Church despite our shattered trust in our leaders.

Spirit and Life in the Catholic Herald
by Francis Phillips

Rose Rea’s Spirit and Life: The Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church (Sophia Institute Press, 256pp, £23/$29.95) is a beautifully produced book, with many superb illustrations of churches, chapels and liturgical occasions, suggesting that the Sophia Institute wishes to portray the beauty innate in the hidden glory of the sacramental life of the Church.  

Each chapter starts with a passage from Scripture, then the relevant excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, followed by commentary from a Church Father. Finally, there are reflections by people on how the sacraments have changed their lives. 


Hot Topic Featurettes

Selections from Sophia websites
Ten Catholic Quotes on the True Meaning of Gratitude
by Jenna Kandas

I was recently talking to my sister-in-law about gratitude. We both married into this wonderful family and come from completely different backgrounds, so it was fascinating to hear her take on gratitude and compare it to what I’ve traditionally thought.

Currently, I think being grateful, or #blessed, is overused in regards to materialism. When’s the last time you read an Instagram post that was #blessed because he or she had just received a gift of the Holy Spirit? I know I haven’t seen a single one—nor have I posted one, so no judgement here—but gratitude is more than what you have. It’s a mindset: taking a step back to be grateful for the relationships, the deserts and valleys, the Exodus and the gifts which the Lord has given to you.

Advent Assures Us That We Can Survive the End Times
by Stephen Beale

Part of the message of Advent is that we are given the strength, as Christians, to survive the end of the world.

That’s quite a feat. Here’s a reminder of just how bad it will get, from one of the Advent readings last year:

There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth nations will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory (Luke 21:25-27).

Who could possibly survive that?

Even Saints Need Friends
by Auguste Meyrat

It has become a known fact of modern life that nearly all cultural institutions are crumbling. Fewer people are involved in local organizations, clubs, and churches, and more spend the majority of their time online. Among the younger generations, this phenomenon is far more pronounced; far more youth seek their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube rather than make a difference in their community. Some may attribute this development to the rise of technology, mass media, and bad education, but the real root of all this is the loss of friendship.

According to a recent survey by OnePoll, the average American is making fewer friends. Others reveal a growing “loneliness epidemic” where people have less contact with others and almost no meaningful relationships. Put together, these findings suggest that most people today keep to themselves and their communication is primarily superficial and meaningless.


Classics Corner

A selection of Sophia classics tied to the liturgical calendar

Latest Endorsements

Faith leaders and personalities weigh in on our new and forthcoming books

"Christmas is the most enchanting time of the year. Carols, trees with colored lights, family gatherings and gifts. But Thomas Williams gets to the real heart of this magical time of year with charming poetry and eye-catching graphics embedded with precise theology. The real story of Christmas is cleverly told with rhyme and color. Terrific for children of all ages from 1 to 90."

Stephen Ray
Author of Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church

"A beautiful Christmas book to add to your little one’s collection - Frank Fraser’s lovely illustrations make The First Christmas both reverent and magical, and the rhyming nativity story by Thomas Williams will have your kids requesting repeat readings."

Katie Warner
Author of First Faith Treasury children's book series
"The Priests We Need to Save the Church is an amazing book. Best I have ever read on the priesthood (better than Fulton Sheen on the subject) . . . Every seminarian in the country should read this book. This is just what we need to save the Church!"
Fr. Thomas G. Morrow
Speaker, author of Overcoming Sinful Anger
"This book offers us much wisdom from the spiritual tradition of the Church. I hope and pray that many faithful will be helped by this book on their spiritual journey."
Cardinal Anders Arborelius, O.C.D.
Bishop of Stockholm

"For those who want to live in victory over the enemy, I heartily recommend this book!"
Fr. Mathias Thelen
President of Encounter Ministries, Brighton, MI
"A timely invitation and inspiration for all women! Venture into the Church’s tradition of women warriors and join the Virgin Mary in crushing the head of the ancient serpent. Women of all ages, I invite you to learn and live what’s in this book!"
Kathleen Beckman
Author of When Women Pray, Praying for Priests, and God's Healing Mercy

"Julie Onderko has done a marvelous job of orchestrating the lives of these women saints, our big sisters in Christ. She shows not only how they exemplify authentic femininity in all its strength and genius, but also the beautiful complementarity of men and women as we battle the Evil One in the work of salvation."
Msgr. John Cihak
Author, editor, and pastor of Christ the King Catholic Parish in Milwaukie, Oregon

Book Industry Update

Major Public Library System Will Boycott Macmillan E-books
by Andrew Albanese
With Macmillan’s controversial embargo on new release library e-books set to begin in just two weeks, PW has learned that the King County (WA) Library System has decided it will no longer purchase embargoed e-book titles from the publisher.

“Despite months of discussion and advocacy, Macmillan continues its position to embargo multiple copies of e-books,” writes King County Library executive director Lisa Rosenblum, in a note sent to fellow library directors (and shared with PW). ”Therefore, effective November 1st, KCLS will no longer purchase e-books from Macmillan. Instead we will divert our e-book funds to those publishers who are willing to sell to us.”

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