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My life is very little.

I can’t walk;
I can’t sit up straight;
I can’t feed myself.

If you and I meet,
the first thing you’ll notice
will be my body crumpled
in a wheelchair.

Once I could at least
sit up, but now my weak neck and
spine are bent so badly that my head
falls heavily upon my left shoulder
and my hunched back.

So writes Christina Chase,
whose “littleness” is as humble as
that of the Little Flower, and whose
spiritual power is, by every discernible
measure, of comparable intensity. 

Crippled though she is,
Christina’s fearful disabilities have led
her not into anger or despair, but rather into
a profound and exceptional encounter
with God’s love itself.

Christina has been graced
with extraordinary insights into the
similar helplessness of Jesus Christ,
the majestic King of the universe.

 When born of the Virgin Mary,
Jesus entered into a condition similar
to Christina’s: unable to feed Himself
or even lift His head.

From that littleness — hers
and His — Christina draws forth
a marvelous wisdom that shows that
as creatures we are all, in a
sense, paralyzed.

But no matter.

For out of infinite love for us,
Jesus chose to join us in our littleness
in order to save us!

Christ exposed Himself
to the limitations of time, space
and circumstance, even subjecting
Himself to death on the Cross. 

Author Christina Chase and her father

These pages by brilliantly
inspired, wheelchair-bound
Christina make clear how much
Jesus loves you, no matter how
little or crippled you may be,
spiritually or otherwise.

Yes, He loves you!

Meditating on this magnificent
fact yields a joy that transcends
even the greatest physical or
mental suffering . . .

. . . a joy that is Christina’s,
despite her abject physical state,
and that can, with the help of this
stunning book, be
yours as well.

It's Good to Be Here: A Disabled Woman's Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human
by Christina Chase
Paperback | eBook
192 pages

Paperback price: $17.95 
Today's Sale Price: $15.99

What Readers Are Saying:

“A terrifically well written book about the true nature of God and his love for us in this fallen world.”

"A refreshing new look at spirituality and gratitude for being created by our God to live in this world."

“As a mother of a child with a chronic medical condition, I found Christina Chase's vibrant, clear and poetic reflections to be an invaluable resource of reflection and hope.”

“A treasure for anyone experiencing suffering or a time of trial.”

“She reflects clearly and often bluntly on what it means to be mortal and rejoices in her adoption as a daughter of God.”

If your faith needs a boost, or if you have any doubts about the value of life or the powerful influence of each and every person upon one another, read this book.”


Why does God hide from
those who yearn to
hear His voice?

In good times and bad,
there’s just silence . . . the
awful silence of God.

Now comes Why God Hides, the
magnum opus of Fr. John Portavella,
written after many decades of listening
to God’s silence – in his own life
and in those of thousands of
his parishioners.

Fr. Portavella unveils the
Face of God in the trials and joys of
our daily lives and in the events of salvation
history, and in doing so, reveals God’s sweet
voice speaking in every circumstance.

Why God Hides is a remarkable,
book that shatters our expectations by
providing myriad glimpses of this supposedly
“hidden God,” bringing with each one
a deep consolation for which
we have long yearned.


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