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Are your daily duties
burning you out?

Are you struggling to
maintain your prayer life?

St. Josemaría says:
“If you don’t have a Plan of Life,
you’ll never have order!” 

Here, Fr. John Portavella shows you
how to develop for yourself a personalized
plan of life that will enable you to balance
your duties to God, your family, and your
work, and even to make time for leisure.

You’ll discover easy, practical ways
to fit prayer, devotions, and spiritual
reading into your family situation
and professional life.

In just a few weeks, your cares
and anxieties will give way to holy
peace as you awaken to the workings
of God’s loving grace in your life.

You will also learn:
  • Where to get the strength to face the burdens of everyday life
  • How to persevere in prayer and genuinely place yourself in God’s presence
  • How to face unforeseen events with a heart full of hope and good cheer
  • The 12 most powerful prayers for growing in holiness
  • The benefits of incorporating small acts of self-denial into your daily routine
  • How to lead your coworkers to Christ
  • How to transform your time at Mass into a perfect sacrifice of thanksgiving and adoration
  • What to do when you can’t find the words to say to God
  • Three ways to end each day on a spiritual high
  • And much more!

This Little Manual for Spiritual Growth
brings you the time-tested key to lasting
health of soul and cheerful
serenity of spirit.

The Little Manual for Spiritual Growth
by Fr. John Portavella
Paperback — 144 pages

List price: $17.95 
Today's Sale Price: $14.99!

After making your Plan of
Life, consider more deeply
the virtue of gratitude.

Gratitude is the fertile soil 
from which springs an ardent
 love of Christ — and Fr. Faber
shows you here how that
love can be yours as well.

In these pages you will learn:


  • How gratitude dissolves pride even faster than penance
  • That ingratitude is the hidden sin of too many good people
  • How gratitude often wins souls more quickly than preaching
  • Why it's scandalous that we neglect gratitude more than prayer
  • Why you should be grateful even for your troubles
  • That gratitude brings more blessings than most of us suspect

These pages reveal 
the critical role gratitude
plays in your sanctification.

Let them remind you of the 
many things for which you in
particular should be grateful.

Let this book show
you the easier way
to heaven.

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