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Who among us does not struggle
at times with discouragement
in our spiritual lives?

Who among us would not
welcome a reliable, authoritative
antidote to such discouragement?

These pages offer a hopeful
invitation to all who endeavor to
overcome perhaps the most stubborn 
obstacle in the spiritual life

Our enemy actively exploits
our vulnerabilities, shrewdly
leading us time and again into
an overwhelming sense
of disturbance.

But Fr. Gallagher pulls the curtain
back on the wiles of the devil, offering
gentle reflections that are remarkably
effective in lightening the burdens
of your day-to-day spiritual life.


You’ll learn practical ways
to find peace amid your spiritual
struggles, and patience in the face
of even the most intense trials.

Best of all, you’ll learn how
to profit spiritually from the
afflictions that beset you.


Each reflection in these pages
begins with a quotation by Venerable
Bruno Lanteri
, the holy founder of the
Oblates of the Virgin Mary, whose wisdom
has guided the uncommonly insightful
spirituality of Fr. Gallagher.

In these pages, you will learn:


  • How to evade sadness, melancholy, and temptation
  • Ways you can be joyful even when you do not feel mirth
  • How to leave the sins, weaknesses, and failures of your past to God’s mercy
  • What to do if you reach the point of despair
  • How to recognize the enemy, even when he presents himself under the appearance of good
  • The five benefits you’ll derive from regular Confession
  • How each part of the Mass corresponds to an affection of the heart
  • Proven techniques for waging warfare against negative moods

There is no shame in
spiritual desolation. In fact, 
it can be a sign of spiritual

Here Fr. Gallagher explains
how the greatest of saints learned
how to draw closer to God precisely
in these dark moments. 


Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement 
is a call to hope . . . a message of solace in
time of suffering . . . and an encouragement
to stand tall in times of affliction.

Read this book, and you’ll learn
how to fully enter into the sublime
peace and joy that our
Lord promises.

Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement: The Wisdom and Spiritual Power of Venerable Bruno Lanteri
by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Paperback | eBook
128 pages

Paperback price: $14.95 
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