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Sophia Authors in the News

Sophia authors in the news this month

Barbara McGuigan (host, The Good Fight) and Kevin Wells (The Priests We Need to Save the Church) talk about how important it is for all of us to have a personal relationship with Mary.

Michael O'Neill, Relevant Radio's Miracle Hunter, talked with Peter Kreeft about Ask Peter Kreeft.

Maggie Green joined The Kyle Heimann Show to talk about The Saint Monica Club and how to wait, hope, and pray for your fallen-away loved ones.

Luanne Zurlo discussed her fascinating book, Single for a Greater Purpose, with Peggy Stanton on Ave Maria Radio's Power from the Pews.

New Book Announcements

New Sophia titles this month


Latest Endorsements

Faith leaders and personalities weigh in on our new and forthcoming books

"It is a great joy for us all that Susan Tassone continues the witness of St. Faustina Kowalska to the whole Church through her excellent books, making Faustina's insights available in a manner that is accessible to all."

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments

"I recommend this book for anyone ready to grow in holiness."

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller

Former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
"I recommend The Priests We Need to Save the Church by Kevin Wells. I fall far short of the ideal Kevin proposes as a faithful layman but I see priests striving for the model he offers. Christ accomplishes great things through His priests."

Bishop Joseph Strickland

Diocese of Tyler

New Sophia Videos

Watch our newest book promo videos

Watch Bishop Strickland discuss
The Priests We Need to Save the Church.

Sophia Book Reviews

A selection of reviews of Sophia books
The Saint Monica Club in The Catholic Herald
by Francis Philips

I don’t know any Catholic parent of adult children who doesn’t have a lapsed member of the family (or even more than one.) It is a common problem in the circles I move in. I have heard of home-schooled Catholic families where this is not the case, but even among them you find members who choose, for whatever reason, to walk away. 


The Priests We Need to Save the Church in National Catholic Register
by Justin McClain

Kevin Wells is the author of the bestselling The Priests We Need to Save the Church, which is a timely book if ever there were one.

Kevin and I are fellow parishioners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bowie, Maryland (in the Archdiocese of Washington), a parish whose history spans centuries. 


The First Christmas on
by Monica Portogallo

In our modern society, Christmas often has nothing to do with Christ. Even the vast majority of children’s Christmas stories are about anything but the coming of our world’s Savior. In most of them you’ll see presents, snowmen, Santa, decorations, reindeer, food, parties … but Jesus is nowhere in sight. 

Ask Peter Kreeft in National Catholic Register
by John M. Grondelski

Peter Kreeft — Boston College philosophy professor, convert to Catholicism and prolific author — is an orthodox writer with verve, full of punchy and memorable lines that make the point about the serious and less serious issues with which he grapples. I mention the “less serious” because, as Kreeft reminds us, God has a sense of humor, we should all laugh regularly, and the book includes 19 of his favorite jokes.



Hot Topic Featurettes

Selections from Sophia websites

Be Victorious in the New Year With a Spiritual Plan
By Fr. Ed Broom, OMV


One of the concrete manifestations of growing in good will towards God is by formulating and writing out, in a clear and practical way, a “Plan of Life”. The variety of ways to hammer out a Plan of Life are limitless; the one proposed in this article focuses on the various areas in life and on how we can improve and make our life a fragrance pleasing to God. Let us make the Psalmist’s prayer our prayer: “O Lord give success to the work of our hands.”


Transgenderism Is Not Normal
By Casey Chalk


What are your pronouns? How do you self-identify? As recently as when I was in college, earlier this young century, those two questions would have elicited confusion, if not mockery. Now, they are increasingly part of the grammar of our introductions to others. During an LGBTQ town hall this past fall, Sen. Kamala Harris stated that her pronouns were “she” and “her.” It is becoming  common to hear people introduce themselves and “self-identify” by sexual, gender, racial, or ethnic classifiers.


The Catholic Mass Is More Than Meets The Eye
By William Hemsworth


Sometimes we can do things so often that we inadvertently go through the motions.  This can happen in our work, relationships, and in the worship of our Lord at Mass.  At every Mass we are getting a foretaste of the wedding supper of the Lamb mentioned in the book of Revelation 19:7-10.  Sometimes it helps to take a step back to realize the miracle and greatness that happens at Mass.


Classics Corner

A selection of Sophia classics tied to the liturgical calendar

Book Industry Update

Need a New Perspective? Try Historical Fiction.
By Philip Cioffari


Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami recently wrote in the New Yorker, “All we can do is breathe the air of the period we live, carry with us the special burdens of our time, and grow up within those confines. That’s just how things are.”

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