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Where are today's godly
men and women?

How can we find them?

How can we become them?

For the answer, generations
of Catholics have turned to
St. Thomas Aquinas – and
now you can, too.

Here, Dr. Kevin Vost provides
you with 12 essential life lessons,
culled from the writings of
St. Thomas Aquinas.

Together these lessons will
elevate your mind, enrich your spirit,
and teach you how to participate fully
in the universal vocation to
holiness and happiness.

Distilling Thomas’s timeless and
unparalleled spiritual wisdom,
Vost shows you:


  • The things you must believe, know, and desire in order to be saved (and how to thoroughly attend to these in your daily life)
  • Why you must be religious and not merely “spiritual”
  • How sloth in particular can blind you to the highest meaning of life (and which virtues supply the antidote)
  • The surprising and dreadful effects of wrath in your life
  • How to recognize injustices you may be committing daily—and how to train yourself to fight those impulses
  • How to free yourself from the crushing yoke of envy
  • How and why you should be your own best friend
  • Which virtues you need so you can hate the sin while loving the sinner
  • Why you should care about angels
  • What you need to know about the saints in order to become one

These lessons will help you cultivate
a rich, robust faith life that will bring
you into closer communion with God
and beckon others to follow.

With the help of Vost and Thomas,
you’ll soon find yourself confidently
and happily living in imitation of
Our Lord, the Way, the Truth,
and the Life for all men.

12 Life Lessons from St. Thomas Aquinas: Timeless Spiritual Wisdom for Our Turbulent Times
by Kevin Vost
Paperback | eBook
304 pages

Paperback price: $18.95 
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Archbishop Sheen here
demonstrates that Christianity
makes good sense - even to persons
with no religious background.

Indeed, argues Sheen, Christianity
alone is able to explain the goodness
we encounter in the universe and the evil.

It alone makes sense of our impulses
to love and to sacrifice and our
repeated failures to do so.

Along the way,
Bishop Sheen shows you:

  • How conscience proves the existence of God
  • Why sacrifice is the road to lasting happiness
  • Why there must be both a heaven and a hell, and
  • What you must do to find your proper place in God's world.
If you're not a Christian, you'll
come away with a sure sense of
why so many good people are.

If you're already Christian, you'll
come to understand your faith better,
learn to explain it to others, and grow
in gratitude for God's gift of this world
and the glorious role He has called
you to play in it.


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