Finding "Living Fossils" - Will Horseshoe Crabs Soon Disappear in Hong Kong?
The number of local juvenile horseshoe crabs only totals less than 10,000, according to the findings of a recent study conducted by City University of Hong Kong.   Unfortunately, the species is currently not protected under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance, and may soon disappear in Hong Kong unless effective measures are taken urgently.  We have to enhance our understanding of the species’ population and distribution to find out if their number is declining continuously, and if they will disappear real soon. Hence, Hong Kong’s largest-ever “Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Population Survey” organised by OPCFHK has been kick-started in mid-July.  The Foundation is leading secondary school students to conduct surveys at selected sites, hoping to train more “citizen scientists” so general public can engage in scientific research and contribute to wildlife conservation.  Two methodologies, random quadrat sampling and walk-through search, are used.  Let’s learn more about the survey and you could be the next “citizen scientist”!
1) The survey must be conducted during low tide.  Surveyors will set four line transects according to the size of survey site and tidal level, in order to conduct the walk-through search and look for horseshoe crabs.
2) When a horseshoe crab is sighted, surveyors will first identify its species (i.e. Chinese horseshoe crab or mangrove horseshoe crab). They will then measure the size of the horseshoe crab, as well as the temperature, pH and salinity of water using different equipment; and take records accordingly.
3) On each line transect, five 8 metres X 8 metres square will be selected for “random quadrat sampling”.  Surveyors will search for horseshoe crabs within the square and take measurements and records. 
4) Horseshoe crabs love to rest and feed under the mud, hence, it requires exceptional eyesight to spot a wild horseshoe crab on mudflat.  Try and see how many individuals you can find in this photo.
Why are they important?
There are only about 4,500 juvenile Chinese horseshoe crabs and 3,000 juvenile mangrove horseshoe crabs remaining in the wild in Hong Kong.  The question is: why do we have to protect horseshoe crabs?  The horseshoe crab is a marine living fossil that has existed for 475 million years, about 230 million years before the appearance of dinosaurs on Earth.  They play a significant ecological role as their eggs serve as food and energy source for migratory shorebirds.  More importantly, the extract of horseshoe crab blood is widely used to test and detect bacterial endotoxins in medical drugs, products and devices!  Visit “Horseshoe Crab in Hong Kong” and learn more about the animal at
Join the Night Safari & Meet the Twinkling Fireflies!
Here comes summer! Do you want to enjoy outdoor activities without getting sunburn? A night safari will be a great choice. The Friends of the Foundation (FOF) is organising one in Tai Tam Country Park.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet the “celebrities in the dark” introduced by our interpreters, including twinkling fireflies, frogs with “unique voices” etc. Join FOF and sign up for the activity NOW, and you will have an extraordinary experience of summer just one step out of the city! Click here for more activity details.
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Being in the market for 110 years, THERMOS Hong Kong is committed to environmental protection and they share the same values as OPCFHK.  Reusable vacuum insulated bottles encourage users to bring their own bottles to minimize resource consumption and hence CO2 emission.  In order to support OPCFHK and help build a sustainable world for wild animals and our next generation, THERMOS specially designed limited-edition vacuum insulated bottles that are embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal for charity
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Every Dollar Counts
We need your help to sustain our efforts to conserve the wildlife. Join us as our member of the Friends of the Foundation (download application form) to help us fund more projects and save more species. Together we make a difference!
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