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Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, is home to a vast array of species. It’s tropical rainforests and climate give the ideal conditions for a wide range of species to thrive. However, many animals in Sabah are under threat due to habitat fragmentation, deforestation, poaching and much more in recent years. 

OPCFHK is passionate about protecting wildlife and has supported many projects across Asia since its establishment in 1995. This coming June, one of the long-term projects in Sabah supported by OPCFHK is due to complete. Since starting in 2017, the teams at Danau Girang Field Centre (DGFC) have collected data on a variety of species such as Asian elephants, reticulated pythons, Malay civets, Sunda pangolins, bearded pigs and Philippine slow lorises, to evaluate the impact of human-caused habitat fragmentation, landscape structure and habitat quality on threatened wildlife.
Changes to an animal’s habitat may force wildlife to venture out into community settlements, increasing chances of human-animal conflict. Reductions in habitats may also lead to increased competition, reduced resources and an increased risk of predation or invasion of non-native species. The purpose of this study was to create effective management plans to prevent this and help mitigate the loss of biodiversity. This scientific research supported by OPCFHK has given others a better understanding of the impact habitat fragmentation has on ecosystems and has encouraged in-situ conservation.
Over the course of the project, DGFC has worked closely with the Humans Habitats Highways (3H) Coalition to share results and resources with the government in order to improve infrastructure planning and development processes for wildlife. DGFC and collaborators are also supporting active land management and protection schemes while continuing work on the Sabah-wide species action plan. 
Despite COVID-19, the team has continued with their outreach programmes to educate and train international and Malaysian citizens on effective biodiversity conservation and management.
One million wildlife species are already at risk of extinction and that number is set to grow. Healthy ecosystems and a rich biodiversity are fundamental to life on our planet. If you can, support us to fund more projects like this one and protect our natural world through donation!
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Do you know that Hong Kong’s biodiversity is exceptionally rich for its small space? In the coming 10 weeks, OPCFHK will continue to explore the local biodiversity with you all on our social media channels, make sure you stay tuned for our updates! (We will have a quiz game with prize later too~~~)

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