First Jumpf for Joy! Photo Project Newsletter - Welcome!

Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Capturing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world


“So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More Compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide.” - Meredith Grey


And now the fabulous featured jumper of the week: 

ROLAND TANGLAOLike Jump for Joy! Featuring Roland Tanglao on Facebook


From/lives: I'm from Ontario, a Canadian of Filipino heritage. Live in Vancouver.
Work: I work on Firefox for Android.

Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
My family & My job (I'm extremely lucky to work on an open source software project used by hundreds of millions of people that pays me well so I can support my family and hang out with cool folks like yourself!).

Q. Jumping photo experience?
Energized by the energy from Eyoalha!

Q: Inspiration in life?
My family, and the internet.

Q: Greatest passion?
I love the internet, bicycling to work, taking cameraphone photos, lindy hop swing dancing and cross-country skiing because all of them work to make me happy! :)

Q: Driving force?
People! People are the best.

Q: Philosophy?
Take the shot. Don't hesitate to take your shot whether it's a photo or the next opportunity in life.

Q: Anything in the world?
A: Making art with my cameraohone full time. I love doing this as a hobby; not sure I could handle the intensity of doing it full-time :-)

Q. Working on?
Lots of mashups like these ones:

1. Geotagged from everybody from Vancouver on Flickr from 2004-2013. About 609,000 or so High Definition video clips with sound track from Vancouver musician Jeff Griffiths:

2. 10 years of roland’s flickr in 1 pictures (over 150,000 photos):

Q: Mini bio, interesting facts about you or something special you want to share.
#changeyourliferideabike #cameraphone

Twitter: @rtanglao
Instagram: @roland

Photos of Roland were taken in Vancouver, BC Canada. Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Roland Tanglao on Facebook


It is such a pleasure hearing from you! Please, stop by and post your own jumping photo on 
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Have a great week, with lots of fun and filled with joy!
Much love, Eyoälha

Jumping photo of Eyoalha by Stephen Coldwell at Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural
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