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Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world.


Jump for Joy! Photo Project 

Welcome to the Jump for Joy! Photo Project weekly Newsletter!

A weekly update on the most exciting news, events, quotes, jumper bios and of course jumping photos from Jump for Joy! Photo Project - Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world.

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Featured Jumper of the week: Katie Shaw!

Katie Shaw ... From: West Virginia Lives: Los Angeles, CA. Work: Business Owner – The Actors Key / Actor / Interior Designer

Q. What inspires you to jump for joy?
A. I have so much to be joyful about in my life. My family, my wonderful friends, gorgeous Los Angeles weather and simply me! I love creative projects like this that are meant to inspire and uplift so when I was asked to participate I immediately wanted to.

Q. What inspires you in life? What are your passion(s) in life?
A. I own a casting director workshop studio in Burbank CA called The Actor’s Key. I also have a passion for interior design that I have always played with just for fun, I always have some sort of furniture/art project I’m working on but now I am taking that a little more seriously and hope to turn it into another business for myself in the near future.

Q. What was your experience like doing the jumping photos?
A. Eyoälha was amazing to work with, I had a blast! She is so passionate about this project and so excited that every single picture was like she was sending me a boost of energy to be able to jump that high! And it was very freeing, I really felt like I was taking my personal creative ideas and ways that I wanted to express myself and together we created these beautiful pictures. (me: Thanks Kaite :) the jumping was all YOU!)

Q. How did it make you feel?

Q. What is your philosophy in life?
A. My philosophy in life is to cherish every moment, take time to fully experience the good and then embrace the bad moments because they are lessons in life and an opportunity to challenge, to grow and to learn. And life is short, have fun!

The Actor’s Key offers acting classes and workshops with instructors in the entertainment industry for both young and adult actors. These workshops are a “key” for actors to get a leg up on the competition, and walk through the door to the next level of success!” For more information on Katie Shaw and her work check out her Website: The Acors Key

For those of you not familiar with the Jump for Joy! Photo Project yet... 
My vision is to create an art photo book of 1,000 photos of people jumping for joy around the world and a photography exhibit that showcases a select few of the best JUMPING images. The compilation of joy expressed by a variety of people from around the world is intended to create a unified community of joy, to express the importance of joy in the lives of all people and to remind us that humanity can come together as one through the expression of joy.

I am excited to do more jumping shoots in Los Angeles, please email me at: to set up a jumping shoot with me, and/or if you are interested in shoots in other cities...   or have feedback and suggestions about the project I would love to hear from you.

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