First Jumpf for Joy! Photo Project Newsletter - Welcome!

Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world


“Passion is not simply an excitement, an enthusiasm, or a hobby. It is something that speaks to you in a language more visceral than mind, coming from a timeless place... ...A passionate person doesn’t have to be passionate about something. They are just willing to let things move them, be it a movie, a story, a poem, or a song.” - The Lazy Yogi

Not in the news this week :) This week has been full of jumping shoots and preparations for creating the mural. Once the Kickstarter funds come through, the printing and poasting of the jumping photos to the wall begins. Very excited to share the process of creatig the mural with you. 

Fabulous featured jumper of the week: 
I had the opportunity to attempt a jump photo with a choir of 70+ people in a church! With low lighting and only 3 shots to get the photo.. it did not turn out well at all lol but it was lots of fun trying and when 70+ people jumped in the air and yelled JOY! The energy of it nearly brought me to tears... so even though the photo didn't turn out well... Im featuring them anyway :) 

DAVID CAIRD! Like Jump for Joy! Featuring David Caird on Facebook

From: I am from Windsor Ontario originally. 
Lives: I call Vancouver home.  
Work: I’m a human resources manager in local government.

Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
My most joyful moments are those when Joyful Voice, the community choir I direct, ‘gets it’ – when the notes and words on the page become music. These are transcendent moments for all of us, and they make me very proud of what we do together.

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
Our group jump attempt was a blast – everyone had so much fun, and it’s unfortunate that the photos didn’t turn out as we’d hoped. My solo jump – well, self-conscious at first if I’m honest, but then a feeling of freedom.

Q: What inspires you in life?
I’m inspired when things turn out better than I could ever have expected – it gives me hope that there is even more and better to come.

Q: Your driving force?
I’m pretty task focused, and some would say a bit of a perfectionist – accomplishing things well is what keeps me going.

Q: Philosophy?
 I have a poster in my office. It is a black pen drawing of thousands of sheep heading toward a cliff, with many falling over.  There is one sheep in the midst of the crowd, going the other way, with a speech bubble above its head. The sheep is saying “Excusez-moi, excusez-moi, excusez-moi …” I try to be that sheep – going determinedly but considerately in the direction I think is best.

Q: Anything in the world?
A: I would make my living making music – I can’t imagine anything more inspiring. But, what I do for a living is rewarding and I enjoy it – it enables me to volunteer musically – sometimes getting paid for something we’re passionate about turns it into an obligation instead of a pleasure, so I’m good with where I’m at.

Q. Working on?
We’re continuing to develop Joyful Voice both from a musical perspective and as an organization. This year we’ll be doing two Christmas shows for the first time ever – December 8th and 9th– so with that comes all sorts of opportunities and challenges. It will be an exciting year for us!


FB page: Joyful Voice Community Choir

Photos of David and the Joyful Voice Choir rehearsal were taken in Vancouver, BC Canada. Like Jump for Joy! Featuring David Caird on Facebook


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Have a great week, with lots of fun and filled with joy!
Much love, Eyoälha

Jumping Selfie by Eyoälha. Taken in Kauai, Hawaii USA.
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