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Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world


“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the centre of every constellation, and people want to be near you.” - Shannon L. Alder

The fabulous featured jumper this week is:

CAOLAIDHE LUNDY! Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Caolaidhe Lundy on Facebook


Q: From/Work: Originally from Edmonton, Alberta... Vancouverite since 2009. Business:

Q: How has Joy brought you together with others.
When I decided 6 months ago to get happy, healthy and sober... my life changed real quick... I was out with the old people and in with the new... having a positive out look on life attracts positive people.

Q: How has joy inspired your own personal growth?
It’s much better vibes to be happy than not... And when that changed for me.. its hard not to grow as a person... I want to be someone I can be proud of. So, now I just keep myself busy being awesome :)

Q: What inspires you to want to jump for joy?
 The only time you shouldn’t jump... is when it is to conclusions... other than that there is no reason not to jump for joy.

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
ONLY THE MOST FUN EVER !!! I don’t think I laughed that hard in awhile... The out take photos are the best... yes, laughing at yourself and not taking everything so seriously makes you feel great... Although the next day I am pretty sure I shoulda stretched it out before all those high kicks.

Q: What inspires you in life?

A: I really respect people who get all nerdy about things they love doing... it could be anything... I like birds and went birding with a bunch of 70 years olds.. it was nerdy but I had fun and everyone had fun and when you just do what you love that is inspiring.
Q: Your greatest passion?
A: Anyone who knows me.. knows I am obsessed with my dog, Scotty... Over the past decade he has been my little sidekick.. Most things I do in life I consider how this will affect him... We started a dog clothing line a couple years ago called Perverted Puppies... We make a good team.

Q: Your driving force?
I hope to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.

Q: Philosophy?
“That he not busy being born is busy dying” - Bob Dylan

Q: Anything in the world?
I wanna make up for all the time I wasted worrying and procrastinating and just do things that make me happy...

About Caolaidhe: Proud dog owner... dog lover and doggie fashion designer.....



Photos of Caolaidhe were taken in Vancouver, BC Canada. Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Caolaidhe Lundy on Facebook


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Have a great week, with lots of fun and filled with joy!
Much love, Eyoälha

Jumping selfie by Eyoälha in Vancouver, Canada.
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