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Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built." - James Allen


Wishing all of you beautiful people who celebrate in various ways during this time of year, a wonderful

 Holiday Season!

Featured jumper of the week: JESSICA CORBINLike Jump for Joy! Featuring Jessica Corbin on Facebook

Lives: I was born in Los Angeles, CA and moved to Orange County at the age of 6 where I lived until 18 years old. After living in San Francisco for 10 years and traveling a bit, I am living back in Venice Beach, CA.

Work: I am an integrated fitness specialist and Founder of the fitness technology Vitness Rx. I am passionate about optimizing the body & mind to achieve greater levels of joy and fulfillment in life.

Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
A: There are so many reasons…. the first inspiration was YOU, Eyoalha!!! Looking at the images you capture uplift my spirit and create a craving for expansion and expression. In addition, anytime one of my clients attains a goal, overcomes a roadblock, or has a break through of any kind I want to jump for joy.

Anytime I meet someone that is living their Truth and is in service to the highest good, I jump for joy as well. Not to mention puppies, chocolate, massages, dancing, sexy shoes, a great hair day and romantic date nights with my husband… I could go on, but I will stop there.

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
A: In one word, JOYFUL. The simple act of moving your body in a jumping fashion has so many physiological benefits,… circulation, respiration, cardio exercise, oxygenation. The physical benefits are awesome. But even more meaningful is the domino effect that jumping with joy has on others. During our jumping session, I noticed that people looking on were smiling and even a few got in on the action and started taking their own jumping photos too. It’s contagious.  

Q: What inspires you in life?
A: Love is all of it’s manifestations is my main inspiration in life.

Q: Your greatest passion?
A: My greatest passions include love, healing, connection, community, beauty and truth. These passions all make me feel as if I am apart of something that is greater than myself and that feels good.

Q: Your driving force?
A: There is a quote that I consider the driving force of my life and it is by Sir Francis Asisi who says, “Love, and then do as you like."

Q: Anything in the world?
A: My dream is to create products and services that help people attain a hot body, peace of mind and a content heart. I am definitely on my way to achieving this with the release of my first fitness technology, Vitness Rx.  

Q: What are you working on?

Mini bio: Jessica Corbin is an integrated fitness expert, TV host & producer, entrepreneur and creator of Vitness Rx. After earning All-American honors in high school and graduating as a scholar athlete in Cross Country & Track from U.C.L.A., Jessica Corbin attained AFAA’s certification for group fitness, ACE & NESTA’s certification for personal training, and Spinning’s certification for indoor cycling.

In addition, Jessica attained her Yoga Alliance and Thai Yoga Massage certifications in effort to guide clients into deeper states of relaxation. Alongside her passion for health & wellness, Jessica has appeared as a featured correspondent for mainstream TV networks and programs such as CNN, ABC’s The View, E! Entertainment, TechTV, The Style Network and the Science Channel. Merging all of her passions, Jessica has created the integrated fitness and media company,
Vitness LLC.
Photos of Jessica and Andrew were taken in Venice, California. Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Jessica Corbin on Facebook


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Have a great week, with lots of fun and filled with joy!
Much love, Eyoälha

Self-portrait Jumping photo of Eyoälha in Kauai, Hawaii.
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