First Jumpf for Joy! Photo Project Newsletter - Welcome!

Jump for Joy! Photo Project
Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

Showcasing the beauty of the human spirit - in mid air - around the world


"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." - William Arthur Ward



A little reminder that in just over 2 weeks I will be doing my first public speaking event at the
2015 Quality Forum Hyatt Regency, Vancouver on February 18th. Hope you can make it! :)

The fabulous featured jumper this week is the multitalented, ex-pro soccer player:

JAY DEMERIT! Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Jay DeMerit on Facebook


Q: Joy + work
 I think anytime you can bring joy to the workplace you should. It's infectious and can also carry to your co workers or teammates, which usually leads to more production.

Q: What inspires you to jump for joy?
 I had seen a few of the Jump for Joy photos before and the message they sent looked fun and creative. Two things I try to be as much as I can so I was inspired to get involved :)

Q. Your experience doing jumping photos?
The physical side of jumping/smiling/laughing really brings out the positive spirit which I really enjoyed. And trying to find the right pose and placement of shot really got the mental or creative juices flowing so all in all it was a great experience.

Q: What inspires you in life?

A: People, places, and seeing others push the limits that life has to offer.
Q: Your greatest passion?
A: I've never been the type of person to obsess over any one thing. I'm truly interested in everything, so I suppose my true passion for life is just to live it to the fullest in every situation I'm in.

Q: Your driving force?
The fact that we are just tiny little specs on a big spinning ball of gas, so make sure you make the most of your short time on this planet.

Q: Philosophy?
Be nice, be honest, be cool. Work hard, be interesting & interested, and above all, make sure you have a good time doing it.

Q: Anything in the world?
I would make people think about the possibilities we all can achieve in life and that anything is possible. I work on that everyday and truly believe I'm living my dreams.

Q. Working on?
Now that I've retired from playing soccer, I have more time to do other projects. I will continue to be an ambassador for my sport and have been doing quite a few speaking engagements on teamwork, leadership, and other lessons I've learned through a ten year professional career.

I own a content/text platform based tech company called
Songwhale so I hope to contribute more to that. Using my product design degree, I've just started my first creative project Portmanteau Stereo Co. We make one-of-a-kind boomboxes out of vintage suitcases and other cool stuff.

This year, my wife
Ashleigh and I hope to start the Rise and Shine Retreat on our land in Pemberton, BC. It will be a facility that will inspire others through youth soccer camps, wellness retreats, and other projects.



Instagram: @D6MERIT

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Photos of Jay and Ashleigh were taken in Vancouver, BC Canada. Like Jump for Joy! Featuring Jay DeMerit on Facebook


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Have a great week, with lots of fun and filled with joy!
Much love, Eyoälha

Jumping photo of Eyoälha by Ishil.
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