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Edition 9Sept 14, 2022


Summer has passed pretty quickly, but with a record number of high temperatures in Boise. I think we’re all ready to welcome Fall. I’m spending a few weeks in Findlay, Ohio, with significantly lower temperatures but more humidity. We’ve enjoyed cool early mornings here, when my sister Barb’s Australian Shepherd has taken sister Sarah and me for pre-dawn walks. 
As we look back at some wonderful summer memories at New Hope, do enjoy a fun moment from this year’s Vacation Bible School in the pictures below. Also, I know you’ll enjoy Angie’s article about her and Don’s experience at Trinity Pines Boys Camp. Read and be blessed! I have to say that summer camp sounds like a lot more fun than when I was a child. Pastor Grady, thank you for all you do to make the week so special for the boys, and VBS fun for our own children. At the end of the newsletter please find more information about this year’s Ladies’ Bible Study and other special Fall activities.


Grady being pied
Grady pied by Wren
Pastor Grady challenged the VBS children to raise $50 for the soles4souls mission, so that they could “pie” him. Looks like the children made their goal! (Pastor Grady says they raised $160!)

Trinity Pines Summer Camp Highlights:
Boys Camp 2022

By Angie Bassett

What do you do with cardboard, duct tape, Gorilla glue, and 4th – 6th grade boys; 109 boys to be exact? You make cardboard boats of course! Not just small boats but boats that a boy can ride in and paddle in the river for 200 yards. This was one of the many activities that Camp Directors Pastor Grady, Pastor Jason, and Pastor Melissa planned for Boys Camp this past summer. It was a huge success. Don and I were fortunate enough to spend the week at Boys Camp helping the campers design, build, and race their boats.

After the shenanigans of duct tape over mouths, wrists and ankles taped together, and the competition being “spied” on; the campers were ready to settle down and work on their boats. Each cabin was in charge of building a boat that would represent their cabin in the Cardboard Boat Regatta. It was great fun to watch the campers work together and come up with their boat designs. The boats were as unique as the group that built them. Some cabins took advantage of all of the cardboard, Gorilla glue and duct tape they could get their hands on while others took a more minimalistic approach; but all of the cabins chose to cover every inch of their cardboard boat with duct tape. Lots of duct tape: each group was given 10 rolls and there was not much left when all of the boats were completed.

This excellent boat is ready to sail.

Race day was the last full day of camp and the campers proudly carried their boats down to the river. It was finally time to test their creations. The boat captains put on their life jackets, grabbed a canoe paddle, and made their way to the starting line. Some of the boats surprised us by staying afloat longer than we had expected. The Titanic, being true to its namesake, tipped and sank immediately. However, the captain of the boat did not give up and hung on to the finish line. He and his boat were both able to “complete” the race.

A couple of the boats were so well constructed that each boy in the group was able to sail their boat down the river until the soggy cardboard couldn’t handle one more trip. It was fortunate that the race took place on the river. It was quickly discovered that a few of the captains didn’t know how to paddle a boat so the current helped them get to the finish line. After all was said and done, the Cardboard Boat Regatta was a success!

The Cardboard Boat Regatta was just one of many things that the campers did at camp. The campers were able to try their hand at tomahawks and archery, they played games, and of course frequented the snack shack. There was Chapel each morning and evening. What a privilege it was to see the tender hearts of each camper during Chapel. They sang and worshipped with their whole being and listened intently as Pastor Mike gave the message. They heard messages about Samuel and David and were reminded that even though they were young they can still do great things for God. The campers responded to altar calls and prayer times where they were prayed over and blessed. Chapel was a very meaningful time for everyone.

The week truly was a mountain top experience, not just for the campers but for the adults who were there also. It was fun to spend time getting to know pastors, grandparents, parents, and college students from around the district who were also volunteering at camp.

Looking back over our summer, Boys Camp was definitely one of the highlights. We came home exhausted but enjoyed every minute of it!

What’s Happening at New Hope

Ladies Bible Study
Attention All Ladies: YOU are invited and welcome to join the upcoming Bible Study beginning this Tuesday, September 13th, at 10 AM in the gym.

We will be studying Anne Graham Lotz’s “Jesus in Me: Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Constant Companion.” The study guide says: “This study will lead us through a series of questions that will enable us not only to discover for ourselves the eternal truths revealed by God in the Bible, but also to hear God speaking personally to us through His Word.”
 Pick up a study book on Tuesday and join an awesome group of ladies who’ve already signed up. (Ruth Ridgway, Bible Study Leader

Mens Bible Study
All men are invited to the Men’s Bible Study on Monday nights at 7 PM in the gym. Roger Letsom says they will be continuing their study of the Parables of Jesus. They will recap their last lesson (from May) this week, then start lesson 6 next week, September 19. 

Senior Service
Seniors have already resumed gathering for a mid-week time of worship, teaching, and fellowship on Wednesday mornings at 11 AM in the sanctuary. Speaking as one who loves these services, if you weren’t attending last year, you are missing out. We enjoy special music, the teaching times are always worthwhile, and this is an excellent time for gathering with God’s people. “Thank you” to Teddi Huhn, who organizes speakers for us. 

Also, events coming soon:

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