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Letters to Bring Us Joy Edition 7 – May 11, 2022

Introduction:  Welcome, Spring!

Addison Haggard
Gracie Anthony
Adalynn Bassett
Clockwise from top left: Addison Haggard receives help from GG Esther, while her parents and Judy look on! Gracie Anthony, Linda and Kevin’s Granddaughter, was a pro at finding Easter eggs. Adalynn Bassett and her family celebrate her first Easter!

The last few weeks have been busy at our church and at our household. Remember the excitement of welcoming a CROWD to our Easter Egg Hunt / Pancake Breakfast / Puppet Show? It was great fun, and not just for the children!    

April 20th through the 22nd I had the privilege of being one of our church’s delegates to the Intermountain District Assembly in Nampa. In this month’s newsletter I would like to highlight some of the recent faith events I’ve experienced, as well as an article Missions Coordinator Linda Anthony wrote about the Crisis Care Kits we are collecting. Karen will share about the significant contribution a couple of our men are making to our worship experience, as well as to the opportunity for women remotely participating in our Ladies Bible Study. Finally, we hope to share excitement about summer camp at Trinity Pines. So, get on board. This is

(Judy Holmes, Editor)

Crisis Care Kits for Ukraine

Crisis Care Kits
These are items needed for Crisis Care Kits
When the call went out about the need for more Crisis Care Kits for the millions of Ukrainians seeking a safe place in surrounding countries, I knew that our church would be on board to be part of doing something positive towards helping the innocent people caught in the middle of this awful war. These kits are full of essential daily toiletries. Receiving simple items like toothpaste, a comb or a band aid can become so helpful in their journey as they are forced to leave their homes. 

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is partnering with Convoy of Hope to ship and distribute the kits to people who are displaced in Ukraine and surrounding countries. We are blessed to have a Hands of Hope warehouse in Nampa to make it easy for us to get these out of the country. I understand the stock of these kits is low and most have already been committed. That’s where we come in!

Thank you so much for your participation in this project. If you haven’t already you can still pick up a bag with a list of items that go inside for a couple more weeks… If you are not able to fill a bag you can also consider giving a donation toward shipping or purchasing products to complete our bags.

(Linda Anthony, NMI President)

“We push buttons!”

Allan’s configuration for Ladies Bible Study provides sound and videos for ladies in the gym, as well as for ladies on Zoom

This month’s “Getting to know someone” article is on our Sound Booth Techs. Josh (Daryl) Nelson and Allan Hull are the tech wizards behind all our good sound in the Sanctuary and on our Church Service sent out to YouTube every Sunday. 

Most of us come to church expecting to be able to hear everything from music to preaching. Few people realize what goes on behind the scenes (after the pastors provide the Order of Service). Both guys are very modest; usually arriving between 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. to start setting up for Sunday Services. And when I asked them to describe what all they did, they would only say “we push buttons.” But, having spent time in the booth doing sound on Wednesdays in the past, I can attest they do a lot more than just “push buttons.”

Although most of our mics are wireless, they all feed into a sound board and are controlled individually by a tech (usually Allan, who has a background in sound and also handles sound and Zoom for Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study). At any one time, we might have Pastor Matthew’s mic, 3 worship ladies’ mics, pastor’s piano has a mic and Pastor Grady has a mic and so does his drum set. And there are mics for Don Bassett and Terry Glass on guitars and Jan Fink on keyboard. Each one is individually controlled by a sound booth tech. Often most of these mics are all in use at the same time, even though they all might require different settings on the sound board and may require both techs to handle everything. Also, there are several sound monitors on the stage that let the various musicians hear their sound (again controlled by a tech). Oh, and don’t forget the mics for Charlene and anyone else reading Scripture. 


Configuration for video and sound in the sanctuary.

And then you need to consider everything you see on the screens, including prelude music, announcements, hymn words and postlude music. These do not just magically happen. Someone (Josh) has gone over every slide’s words beforehand, so that you seamlessly see a finished product. Then those slides are manually changed as we sing. Again, “push buttons” is the understatement for how all this happens; attention to detail is key. Both men are terribly busy for each service and, as they each told me, ”If we do our jobs right — no one should know we are there.” While Allan is doing sound checks, Josh, an electrician by trade, (after setting up the slides, handling all the cameras to project our Service to YouTube so people unable to attend can still see our Service), lights the candles, checks any cables that might be in the way, unlocks doors throughout the building, installs the American flag out front, and helps make sure we are in a safe environment.  (These steps are reversed after service.) Josh has been instrumental whenever equipment upgrades or additional cabling is necessary, as our technology improves constantly.

Both techs said it was necessary to do sound checks with anyone singing or speaking during our services. If we have “special” music, this also requires attention to mic and monitor placement.  So, if you will be involved in the service, they would appreciate the courtesy of your stopping by the sound booth at least 15 minutes prior to the service to touch base and do a sound check, especially if you have a music CD you will be using, so they have time to queue that CD to the correct music track and your voice levels.

When they’re not busy, stop by and say “Hi” to these men that cheerfully volunteer their time each week.

Intermountain District Assembly, 2022

This year’s District Assembly, held at College Church in Nampa, began with a stirring worship service Wednesday evening. Most awe-inspiring is always the parade of flags of nations at the beginning of the service. We were introduced to a new version of the hymn, “Turn Your Eyes.” Check out the song sung by Sovereign Grace Music on YouTube, and be blessed. I believe we will be hearing this one in our worship services as well! 😀 A Swahili (East African community) choir from our sister Five Mile Church of the Nazarene, sang for us. And our District Superintendent Rev. Scott Shaw challenged us with this year’s theme: FOCUS. From Matthew 14, he talked about Jesus’ invitation to Peter to walk toward Him on the water. As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he walked on the water. But when he took his focus off Jesus, he began to sink. Similarly, if we let problems and issues grab our attention, we too see only the wind, and the result is: “sinking thinking.” Our call is to love our neighbor… with the spirit of humility. We must be willing to forgive. Without forgiveness we are destined to stay angry. Jesus invites us to be active participants in ministry. He invites us into the miracle of grace.
Fili Chambo
From top to bottom: One of my favorite places for interaction was the “Take one, Leave one” Prayer Wall. Gumballs were available to the petitioner. Swahili choir sang for us. General Superintendant Dr Fili Chambo called us to recognize the power of God’s Kingdom

On Thursday we heard speakers, and participated in afternoon workshops. A few highlights included the following: 

  • Missionary Joshua Herndon (presently in Romania, but moving soon to Greece) spoke about trying to help girls currently being trafficked. Also the frustrations of not being able to continue providing hope to recovering girls during the Pandemic.
  • Rev. Scott Shaw gave his report, saying we are building teams of visionary leaders in our local churches. New initiatives in Utah, Africa, Boise, Nampa all speak to the fact that God is at work. We continue to build a partnership with NNU, and continue to  build a camping program at Trinity Pines.
    • We seek to build an environment that can encourage the movement of God’s Spirit. 
    • We need to be willing to build in the world!
  • General Superintendent Dr Fili Chambo from Mozambique spoke eloquently on Jesus’ teaching regarding the tiny mustard  seed (Lk 13:18-21). The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed; He still does miracles, He still has authority and power. He cannot be stopped. He does not stop working. 
  • Note that Dr Chambo will speak this summer at Camp Meeting, Trinity Pines.
  • Dr Kevin G. Harney spoke to the entire gathering on, “Creating a Culture that Unleashes Organic Outreach in the Local Church
  • Each pastor shared a brief pre-recorded video highlighting God’s work in their church this last year.

Thursday evening at the Service of Ordination, our own Pastor Matt Dahlgran was granted a District Minister’s License. 

Friday morning we heard updates regarding NNU and Trinity Pines, among many other presentations. See below for more on Trinity Pines summer camps.

(Judy Holmes, Editor)

Trinity Pines Summer Camp Highlights

Each cross represents a camper who has committed their life to Jesus while at camp

Friday at District Assembly we received prayer cards reminding us of the opportunity to pray for the summer camps at Trinity Pines. Many campers commit their hearts to Jesus and/or to future full time ministry (remember the white wooden crosses?) And we have eight children and youth signed up to attend! Sunday, May 15th, there will be a “Lettuce Taco-bout Camp!” scholarship fundraiser. You have already placed your orders, and you’ll be able to enjoy your tacos in the gym after second service, or pick them up to take home after Sunday School. In keeping with our church’s commitment to pray this month, for God’s protection, direction and revelation, let’s keep our campers, their leaders, and the camps themselves lifted before God.


Genesis Camp (1st to 3rd Grade)


Girls: June 6 to 8  Boys: June 8 to 10    
Regular Cost: $120/per camper, $100/per parent


Theme: Imaginarium

Pray for:

  • camp directors, Sara Ross and Scott and Kym Slater; and 
  • good weather and great staff!

Boys Camp (4th-6th Grade) June 20–24

Regular Cost: $250


Theme: Summer Camp: Vol. 2

Pray for:

  • camp directors, Grady Harmon, Jayson Martindale, and Melissa Dugan; 
  • God to help cabin leaders build strong relationships with campers;
  • campers to see and dream God’s plan for their lives; and
  • God’s preparation of hearts of young men who will encounter Jesus for the first time.  


Senior High Camp (9th-12th Grade) June 13–17

Regular Cost: $280


Theme: One 

Pray for:

  • camp directors, Scott Davis, Josh Dringenberg, Rich Vasquez, and Noah Daniels;
  • God would be with the speaker in their preparation for camp;
  • God would prepare students to hear Him speaking, and to choose to follow His leading;
  • God would encourage leaders to grow in their own faith; and
  • All involved to be inspired to be “ONE” with each other , and that this oneness would be used by God to reach the world.


Remember, all kids enjoy crafts, games, chapel, special events including lake swimming, and worship times. Chapel and worship times are often held outside around a campfire and under the pines. Our camps last year had between 150 and 300 kids at any given time. Pastor Grady reported that twenty kids gave their hearts to the Lord last year and were able to place a white cross with their name on it in the Cross Garden. Besides fun and games, God meets the kids right where they are. 

(Judy Holmes and Karen Groh, Editors)

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