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A strong legacy for the future!  

The ICLEI Crew - May 2008 

ICLEI Oceania has brought great benefit to the local government sector in our region and, on the eve of my leaving ICLEI after 17 years, I would like to reflect on the political and professional leadership that has empowered local governments to take action on climate change and build sustainable communities. Many will no doubt recall the commencement of the Cities for Climate Protection - Australia (CCP) program in 1998 and its extraordinary decade of success. By 2007, there were 238 participant councils, representing over 80% of the population and in a decade of local action. Across the Tasman, 34 councils joined the Communities for Climate Protection – New Zealand program covering 83% of the population.

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Martin Brennan
Regional Director

June News

Responding to the Call to Action from Port Vila

Signing up for Campaign

On the 13th March 2015, Vanuatu was struck by Cyclone Pam, a category 5 cyclone with devastating results for the City of Port Vila and other locations in the Pacific.
ICLEI Oceania teamed up with the United Nations Disaster Agency (UNISDR) based in Fiji to support a workshop on 3-4 June 2015 to go through the Local Government Self Assessment Toolkit’s ten essentials approach. This culminated in the Lord Mayor signing up to the Make My City Resilient Campaign, which now has 2569 city members from around the world, including Luganville, also in Vanuatu. 

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100 days since Cyclone Pam, people across Vanuatu pause to reflect on loss and resilience

21 June marked 100 days since Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu on March 13, with wind gusts of up to 320 km an hour leaving behind widespread damage. In keeping with Indigenous practice, ceremonies will be held in villages across Vanuatu to mourn the 11 people who died in the cyclone. Gathering in churches and around gravestones over the weekend, people will reflect on their lost loved ones, damaged houses, ruined food gardens. One hundred days later, Vanuatu is recovering. Islands left brown in the aftermath are green again. Immediately after the cyclone people began to rebuild.

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Join the Compact of Mayors

Launched at the UN Climate Summit in New York last September, the Compact is a global coalition of mayors and city officials pledging to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience to climate change, and track their progress transparently. Benefits for your city are to show your local commitment and leadership, to demonstrate to your community how local efforts can contribute to capping global warming, and potentially to attract investors for your ambitious projects.

Joining the Compact requires you to complete a greenhouse gas inventory and action plan, and a climate vulnerability study and action plan, within 3 years. Technical advice and support is available from ICLEI.

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Local Government Roadmap to Paris COP21

Since the UNFCCC climate Conference of Parties in Bali, 2007, ICLEI has been pursuing a "roadmap" to achieve full participation of cities around the world to contribute towards greenhouse gas reduction and climate resilience. Cities in Oceania region now have the opportunity to participate directly in the "Paris COP" in December to demonstrate your commitment to addressing climate change, to showcase your achievements and publicize ambitious projects to potential investors.

Your city can participate by:

  • Joining the Compact of Mayors 
  • Joining the Transformative Actions Project (TAP)
  • Purchasing a presentation slot at the ICLEI Pavilion
  • Registering your climate change commitments and progress on the ICLEI Carbonn Climate Registry
Climate Roadmap

LGMA National signs partnership with ICLEI Oceania

Troy Pickard and Mark Withers sign the MoU on behalf of ICLEI and the LGMA National

LGMA National and ICLEI Oceania are pleased to announce a collaborative new partnership that will connect governments and share questions and solutions on the issues of global environment and sustainable development issues. Dr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne Councillor and Chair, ICLEI Oceania Regional Executive Committee welcomed the signing of the MoU. "The partnership with the LGMA will open up opportunities for our associations to undertake collaborative work in our region and especially with Pacific Island local governments".

Urban Biodiversity - Your Input Required

The latest climate talks in Bonn, Germany, unexpectedly agreed to a mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation.

The mid-year Bonn climate negotiations in Germany have unexpectedly agreed mechanism to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) after 10 years of effort. It lays the groundwork to get assistance to countries to help them save forests and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions.

The negotiations represent another step on the road to a potential global agreement at the major summit in Paris at the end of the year.

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164 countries now have RETs


Renewable energy targets are now a defining feature of the global energy landscape, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The report - Renewable Energy Target Setting - finds that 164 countries have adopted at least one type of renewable energy target, up from just 43 countries in 2005. Two more countries, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, have set renewable energy targets at the sub-national level.

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Geelong Council launches updated Low Carbon Growth Plan

The City of Greater Geelong today launched the updated Low Carbon Growth Plan as part of its World Environment Day celebrations. Mayor Darryn Lyons joined Future Proofing Geelong Ambassador Tom Lonergan and Councillor Andy Richards, portfolio holder for Environment and Sustainability, to encourage more people to be environmental agents of change. "This updated Low Carbon Growth Plan is a great platform for Future Proofing Geelong to continue helping community, business and industry become more energy efficient," said Mayor Darryn Lyons

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Inaccurate energy forecasts are costing us the Earth: here’s why


How will our electricity system change in the future? Will we consume more electricity over time or less? And how will we meet our energy needs? The answers to these questions have considerable public policy implications but our ability to forecast these changes has so far been limited. Electricity forecasts just four years ago predicted strong, uninterrupted growth in electricity demand. In reality, demand has fallen for the past four years.

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Victoria changes will cut wind farm red tape

Changes to the planning scheme for wind farms announced by the Victorian Government will cut red tape and help to attract investment to the state, according to the Clean Energy Council. Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, has announced plans to assess applications for entire wind farms and associated infrastructure together. Previously, developers had to submit multiple applications to state and local governments for different components of the projects and the infrastructure needed to connect to the electricity network.

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Investing in transport

In response to feedback on the 10-year budget, Auckland Council has decided to act immediately on the region’s transport problems, implementing an Accelerated Transport Programme that will see new investments of about $170 million per year over the next three years. This will allow work to start on the urgent improvements required to get Auckland moving.

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Amsterdam offers lessons for Australian cities on renewable energy


Amsterdam is working towards a more renewable energy-based economy in which the city aims to, by 2020, generate 20 percent more renewable energy per capita and be 20 percent more energy efficient compared to 2013. The result of this will be a reduction in the city’s carbon emissions by 40 percent and 75 percent in 2025 and 2040 respectively.

To achieve Amsterdam's renewable energy aspirations, the city will increase the number or solar panals across the city from 40,000 in 2013 to around 630,000 by 2020.

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Water Scarcity

Do you know any initiatives that focus on reducing water use or managing water risk globally? Share your best practices with the larger water community. Selected case studies will be presented in the online catalogue and will be launched at the upcoming 2015 Stockholm World Water Week. The impact of water crises around the world has recently been recognized as the number one risk by the World Economic Forum with business leaders reporting concerns over looming water crises.

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Importance of the $100 Billion by 2020 Goal

At COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009, developed countries committed to a goal of jointly mobilizing $100 billion dollars a year by 2020 from a "wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources of finance." However, five years later, ambiguity remains on the sources, instruments and channels that will enable developed countries to achieve this goal.

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The US City Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Mayors and local lawmakers in America's largest cities continue to take innovative steps to lower energy costs for consumers and businesses, increase their resilience, and reduce pollution through increased energy efficiency, according to the 2nd edition of the City Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The ACEEE report finds that Boston continues to be the most energy-efficient city in the nation. Trailing Boston are New York City Washington, DC, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.

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ICLEI World Secretariat based in Bonn provides a range of programs for towns and cities to participate that add value to their sustainability and climate action policies and practices.

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The Oceania Secretariat provides advocacy, networking, information sharing and targeted projects that enhance the work of Members and informs the broader Local Government sector.

Host City, ICLEI Oceania Secretariat

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LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and allows members to strengthen and extend their existing network of trusted contacts.

It's a great way to share stories and invite discussion on sustainability practices and approaches that are working in your Council is via the ICLEI Oceania LinkedIn group.

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ICLEI Oceania Regional Executive Committee–RexCom

Chair: Cr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne, Victoria
Cr Roberto Colanzi, City of Yarra, Victoria
Cr Caroline Knight, City of Mandurah, Western Australia
Cr Eddie Ngava, Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands
Cr Wayne Walker, City of Auckland, New Zealand
Mayor Troy Pickard, City of Joondalup, Western Australia - Global Executive Committee Member (Biodiversity Portfolio)

Host City, Water Campaign Australia
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