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June 2017



Dear Members,
ICLEI is the largest global sustainability network led by local leaders.  Our governance structure ensures member cities and towns have their say not only on local strategy but also the global strategic vision and actions of the World Secretariat. Every three years ICLEI members elect representatives to their local regional executive committees (RexComs), which in turn nominate a member onto the global executive committee (GexCom). The elections for the 2018 - 2021 Committees will be held across the world this year and a Call for Nominations for the Oceania RexCom will be issued in July.
I invite and encourage all eligible ICLEI members to participate in these processes, so look out for the call in the next few weeks. Nominees should preferably be elected members of an ICLEI member council, with endorsement from their Council. And if not nominating, get ready to vote for someone who does.   
This is a great opportunity for you to help shape ICLEI programs, policies and activities and I strongly encourage you to check out the ICLEI Oceania website here and consider becoming part of our governing body.
I have been actively involved with ICLEI at the local and global level for the last 8 years and have witnessed the hard work that has brought the sustainability benefits not only for cities world wide but also here in Oceania.
If you’d like to get involved in our local Regional Executive Committee please do get in touch with myself or the Oceania Office to discuss any questions you have about this important role.

Cr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne, Chair Environment Portfolio
Chair ICLEI Oceania RexCom
Member and Biodiversity Portfolio Holder of ICLEI GEX COM


June News - Top Stories

Al Gore to speak at Ecocity World Summit 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Hon Al Gore will be the principal speaker at the ECOCITY World Summit 2017. Mr Gore will deliver his famous slide presentation including his insights on the role of cities in meeting the global climate challenge. Ecocity 2017 will be held in Melbourne from 12 to 14 July this year. Join the world’s leading urban policy makers, practitioners and researchers attending the Summit to discuss the climate change, sustainability and resilience challenges facing cities – and the crucial role which cities can play in meeting these challenges. link 

ICLEI Global Impact Survey

It's your time to be heard…..
We encourage all members to participate in the ICLEI Global Impact Survey. The Survey was launched to all ICLEI Members and Network cities earlier this year and will remain open until the end of 2017.
The Survey aims to collect data on the cities, towns and regions we work with in our global network, and results will give ICLEI an overview of current status and needs of the local/regional governments we work with as well as feed input to the ICLEI Strategic Plan review process on what priorities and focus areas are needed.
By completing and submitting this survey you are eligible to win a free registration to the ICLEI World Congress in June 2018 in Montréal, Canada.
Results will also be presented at the ICLEI World Congress in June 2018 in Montréal.

Compact of Mayors update....

The Compact of Mayors is continuing to build momentum in Australia and New Zealand. This important coalition of  cities, towns and councils is demonstrating that local action can have global impacts. The Compact, now combined into the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative, has over 7000 local governments as members and is continuing to build.  It provides a loud and passionate voice for serious climate action to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement.
In the Oceania region 25 local councils are now formally recognized as members of the Compact of Mayors with many taking the opportunity to initiate and complete the required compliance steps. The approach recognizes the work of councils and their communities in implementing a low carbon future based on local target setting while making and sharing adaptation plans to contribute to local community resilience.
To join the momentum for change and to be recognized for local climate leadership all councils are invited  to get involved. Contact ICLEI Oceania for more information on  or go to our website:

June News in brief

U.S. withdraws from the Paris Agreement  -  ICLEI Reacts

Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General  

While Trumps decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement may have seemed divisive at first, it has fortuitously had the adverse effect of uniting many US mayors, college and university leaders, businesses and investors as is evident in their
open letter.

ICLEI's Secretary General, Gino Van Begin, responds to Trump's announcement.

“President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement is out of step with reality and the current drive towards a global low-carbon transition. Making abundant use of 'alternative facts', he has painted the US and its citizens as victims of this groundbreaking Accord. On the contrary, the Paris Agreement and its fulfillment are the best chance for the US and the world to create green jobs and save millions of lives and billions of dollars, avoiding the worst case scenarios of climate inaction. Climate action is not going to stop."

Read his full statement here

A New Member

Hobsons Bay Mayor Sandra Wilson receiving the Compact of Mayors certificate from Steve Gawler of ICLEI

A warm welcome to Hobsons Bay City Council which has recently re-joined ICLEI.  On World Environment Day HBCC hosted a special event “Connecting People to Nature”.

The event was an opportunity to engage with environmental groups in Hobsons Bay, learn about Council’s commitment to the international Compact of Mayors (the world’s largest cooperative effort committed to Sustainable Cities), the launch of the 2018 Environmental Grants and view the winners of the photo competition showing the unique flora and fauna of Hobsons Bay.
Hobsons Bay has also committed to the Compact of Mayors and Steve Gawler, Regional Director ICLEI Oceania, presented their Commitment Badge to Mayor Sandra Wilson.


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!

Morrison and Haussegger

At the LG Professionals Australia conference in Hobart, 22 to 24 May, keynote speaker Lt Gen David Morrison, 2016 Australian of the Year, spoke of his campaign to change the culture of the armed forces and improve diversity in the wider community. In his view, traditional approaches to management, leadership and strategy  are all needed and valid, but until the underlying culture of an organisation is flushed out and tackled, nothing will change.  In effect “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. ICLEI is proud to be a partner to Local Government Professionals and Steve Gawler, Regional Director, participated in the Chief Officers Forum and a number of other panel sessions. 
More details of the conference here

UNAA Local Government Climate Action Award

Mayor Amanda Stone and staff  from Yarra City Council receiving the Local Government Climate Action Award sponsored by ICLEI.

Congratulations goes to Yarra City Council for winning the UNAA Local Government Climate Action Award - Embedding adaptation in Local Government (VIC).

On 7 June the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) held its inaugural Climate Collaboration Forum in Melbourne to coincide with World Environment Day.  The event was “designed to determine how Australia’s climate stakeholders can work together to achieve net zero emissions.”  An important part of the Forum was the inaugural Climate Action Awards and ICLEI Oceania was very pleased to sponsor the “Local Government Climate Action” award category. Link to awards

Honiara Mayor attends Bonn Congress 

Honiara Mayor Andrew Mua

Sponsored by UN Habitat, Honiara Mayor Andrew Mua attended the ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress held in Bonn from 4 to 6 May.  Mayor Mua had the opportunity to address the new Executive Secretary of UNFCCC Patricia Espinosa, stressing the extreme vulnerability of small islands to climate change.  He also presented at several panel sessions and advocated strongly for ICLEI’s global Small Islands strategy, which aims to galvanize international support for the sustainable development of towns and cities of small islands.  The strategy will be presented at the special ICLEI Leaders Summit on 12 November as part of COP23.

Be a part of the EcoMobility World Festival 2017

The City of Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, will be the host of the next EcoMobility World Festival in October 2017. This consists of a month long festival and the EcoMobility Congress from October 2-4.  The EcoMobility Congress is an opportunity for participants with a shared interest in sustainable transportation, to come together to share good practices and spark synergies in a setting that promotes creative collaboration, local initiatives and the EcoMobility agenda. The Congress theme for this year is: Liveable, Shared, and Intelligent. 
For information on the
EcoMobility World Festival, the ICLEI EcoMobility Alliance or EcoMobility SHIFT contact ICLEI Oceania.

See  EcoMobility World Festival 2017


Groundwater exploitation and contamination in Central Java


Steve Kenihan, ICLEI associate, has recently published a paper online around groundwater exploitation and contamination in Central Java. This is a valuable resource for anyone working in the area of resilience and adaptation in Java.  It also has important general learnings for sustainable water management.

You can find the paper at the following link:

Paying the Piper in Central Java

ECOCITY World Summit Registration

12-14 July 2017
Melbourne Australia

Ecocity 2017: Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformation will bring together a diverse mix of researchers, policy makers and citizens with a common focus on identifying and creating pathways to more sustainable, resilient and equitable cities.
Registration for the Summit is now open and you can save 10% or more on group bookings. 

For more information and to register visit
Ecocity 2017



Take-2 and Carbon Neutral Adelaide

ICLEI Oceania is pleased to be a Founding Partner and supporter of two essential climate change initiatives.

Take 2 is the Victorian pledge program that supports net zero emissions by 2050.
For more information go to Take-2

Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a shared ambition to make the City of Adelaide the world's first carbon neutral city. ICLEI is pleased to be a founding Partner.
For more information go to Carbon Neutral Adelaide


COMING SOON - Election for ICLEI Oceania Regional Executive Committee

This is your chance to help shape ICLEI programs and events for the next 3 years.  A call for nominations for the new ICLEI RexCom will be issued in July, with the election following in September. 

To be eligible to sit on the RexCom you will preferably be an elected member of an ICLEI member city or association. 

Please contact Steve Gawler,, if you would like to discuss or to seek further information.


ICLEI World Congress 


19-23 June 2018
ICLEI World Congress
Montreal, Canada

Held every three years, the ICLEI World Congress assembles hundreds of local and subnational governments, international agencies, national governments, donors and other partners from around the world to set the course for globalizing urban sustainability.

ICLEI Oceania Regional Executive Committee–RexCom

Chair: Cr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne, Victoria

Cr Caroline Knight, City of Mandurah, Western Australia

Cr Eddie Ngava, Honiara City Council, Solomon Islands

Cr Wayne Walker, City of Auckland, New Zealand

Host City

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