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Mayors Unite!

The launch of the Compact of Mayors at the UN Climate Summit held in New York City last month, was the result of an unprecedented international collaboration between city networks and supporters.

The Compact represents the largest effort by cities to take concerted action on community-level GHG emissions, report their progress, and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

In partnership with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), ICLEI will now invite cities and local governments to report their climate commitments and GHG inventories using a standardized measurement system that is compatible with international practices.

The carbonn Climate Registry, established by ICLEI is now the world´s leading reporting platform for local and sub-national climate action and will become the aggregated database for collecting and publishing city-level greenhouse gas data for the Compact.

Publicly available and free to use, it will continue its function as a reporting platform, and, in addition, pool data from existing climate reporting platforms. The data will assist regions, nations and financial institutions better understand the potential and current impacts of local climate efforts at a larger scale and where they can offer support, such as funding mass transit systems or energy-efficiency measures.

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October News

World Congress 2015

The 2015 ICLEI World Congress will be a highlight for local governments from across our region with the opportunity to engage with local governments around the world who will assemble in Seoul, Korea 8 - 12 April 2015. Participants will share the most successful policies and exceptional results from their local sustainability actions with Mayors and local government leaders from around the world.

As a lead up to the ICLEI World Congress 2015, we would like to profile the successes of as many Members as possible. If you have a short video we could feature on the congress website to profile your success, please email us.

Vote for a solar future for East Timor

An ambitious plan by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) to create a sustainable solar industry in East Timor has received an enormous boost with the initiative being named a finalist in the Google Australia Impact Challenge valued at $500,000. The Solar for Timor plan aims to install 2000 solar lighting systems and train 75 village-based installers in the next two years, delivering an overall 60kW of low-emission solar energy. Voting closes on October 13, so vote for ATA and help spread the word!

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carbonn Climate Registry

States, provinces and regions are now able to report to the Climate Registry, carbonn. This follows agreement between ICLEI and R20 – Regions of climate action in May 2014 and marks a significant step towards opening up the platform to sub-national governments. To reflect this evolution and acknowledge all local and sub-national entities using the platform a re-branding process has been undertaken with a new logo and website.

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Cities and Nations Must Collaborate to Fight Climate Change

Mayor Park Won-soon, Seoul, Mayor Eduardo Paes, Rio de Janerio and Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Paris.

“At the beginning of the twentieth century, around 15 percent of the global population lived in cities. Today, more than half do. People have migrated toward urban centers, attracted by the professional and personal opportunities offered there. The number of cities continues to grow, and so do the cities themselves: Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Delhi now have more than 10 million inhabitants each. By 2050, three-quarters of all people are expected to live in cities”.

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Renewable Energy in Pacific

Over the past six years the New Zealand Aid Programme has made renewable energy a key focus of its work. Renewable energy is described in the aid program’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015 as an ’enabler of growth’ assisting the program to deliver on its objective of promoting sustainable economic development. The aid program’s focus for renewable energy has clearly been in Pacific island countries – something that is not surprising, given the geographical emphasis of the broader aid program.

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Invitation to Webinar - Implications of the UN Climate Summit for vertically integrated climate action

14 October 2014, 11:00-12:00 Central European Summer Time (=9:00–10:00 UTC)

As part of the webinar discussion series “Involving sub-national and city governments in national climate change mitigation strategies” we cordially invite you to the 6th webinar addressing the UN Climate Summit which took place in New York, in September 2014. We will explore why this was such a key event and what will happen next, following the new initiatives launched for local and sub-national governments. This will be explored considering implications to vertically integrated climate action.

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City of Bayswater achieves Milestone 4

The City of Bayswater has successfully implemented actions from the Council’s Water Action Plan developed in Milestone 3 of the ICLEI Water Campaign. This includes projects that reduce the amount of water the City uses and improve the quality of stormwater that flows to the river.

The City has also improved water quality entering surrounding waterways.

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Yarra's sustainability program among the world's best

The City of Yarra’s world-class sustainability program has seen it named Australia’s first One Planet Council and only the third local government in the world to receive the title. Council’s sustainability performance was independently assessed against 10 principles that allow communities to live and work within their fair share of the earth’s resources. City of Yarra Mayor, Cr Jackie Fristacky, said Council’s certification in One Planet Living’s International Leadership category validated Council’s longstanding commitment to applying sustainable principles to its work.

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Huge turnout for global climate rallies

Four hundred thousand people in New York, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and tens of thousands across 100 locations in Australia took to the streets for the People’s Climate March in the lead up to the UN’s Emergency Summit of World Leaders which took place in New York on 23 September. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott declined to attend.
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United Nations Making Your City Resilient Campaign

The UNISDR disaster resilience campaign has been operating since 2010 and more than 2000 cities around the world have already signed up. ICLEI is planning a major campaign in the Oceania region in 2015 to help cities join the campaign and undertake the disaster readiness assessment. This will be in collaboration with several other ISDR partners.

Have a look at the website for more detail or contact the ICLEI Oceania Office.

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Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in 2050: How Australia can prosper in a low carbon world

The 'Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in 2050: How Australia can prosper in a low carbon world' report, released 23 September 2014, presents an illustrative deep decarbonisation pathway for Australia – just one of many possible pathways – developed using a combination of well-established modelling tools to identify feasible and least-cost options. This work finds that Australia can achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and live within its recommended carbon budget, using technologies that exist today, while maintaining economic prosperity.

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Printable solar panels, developed by CSIRO and Melbourne universities, one step closer to market

Australian solar power scientists are one step closer to making available a cheaper and faster way to print solar cells onto plastic. CSIRO's senior research scientist Dr Fiona Scholes said the technology was almost at the commercialisation stage and could be used to power laptops to rooftops.

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Federal and state energy policies: the local government perspective (aka what will Clive do next?)

There has been a lot of discussion in council land about the impact of the (relatively) new federal government, the near-coast-to-coast Coalition state governments (the exceptions being South Australia and the ACT) and the impact on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and investment. In a previous article we looked specifically at council opportunities through the Emissions Reduction Fund and the funding possibilities that may arise from the ERF. However, the impact of other federal and state decisions will of course impact local government.

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The Latest Biodiversity Newsletter available

The September edition of the ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center newsletter has a strong focus on the upcoming CBD COP 12 and the 2014 Biodiversity Summit for Cities and Subnational Governments, and showcases the inspiring work driven by our cities across the world. We trust you will enjoy the read and encourage you to keep sending project updates and pictures in order for ICLEI to further profile the local action for biodiversity happening in your cities.

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Renewable power scores a consumer endorsement

Some of the country’s top consumer groups have joined with the renewable energy industry to write to the federal government calling on it to leave the Renewable Energy Target alone, citing analysis from the RET Review's ACIL Allen on power prices.

Dear Prime Minister, Re: cutting the Renewable Energy Target would hurt household electricity consumers

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Cape Town unveils South Africa’s first ‘green’ taxi rank

Cape Town has unveiled the first ‘green’ transport facility in South Africa that generates its own electricity, enabling it to operate off the electricity grid. At the same time, all the water used at the Wallacedene taxi rank, besides drinking water, is provided for through rooftop rainwater harvesting and recycling. “The Wallacedene taxi rank sets the benchmark for future public transport facilities in the country, showcasing the city’s commitment to conservation and innovation,” said Councillor Brett Herron, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town.

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Parking could be optional for some apartments near rail in New South Wales

Minimum car spaces in new apartment developments near train stations are set to go under flagged changes to New South Wales’ State Environmental Planning Policy 65, in a move the government says could reduce purchase cost by at least $50,000.

The move, announced today (Tuesday) by the NSW government, reflects the growing move away from driving that Professor Peter Newman, director of Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, says is a worldwide phenomenon.

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Solar energy: a sunflower solution to electricity shortage

Computer giant IBM last week revealed the prototype of its advanced solar electricity generators: a 30ft-high concrete “sunflower” fitted with wafer-thin aluminium mirrors and a maze of tiny tubes for carrying coolant through the heart of each device. The machines, which will be built in conjunction with the Swiss company Airlight Energy, can convert 80% of the sun’s radiation into electricity and hot water, it is claimed, with each generating 12 kilowatts of electricity and 20kW of heat on a sunny day, enough to supply several homes.

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ICLEI World Secretariat based in Bonn provides a range of programs for towns and cities to participate that add value to their sustainability and climate action policies and practices.

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The Oceania Secretariat provides advocacy, networking, information sharing and targeted projects that enhance the work of Members and informs the broader Local Government sector.

Host City, ICLEI Oceania Secretariat

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LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and allows members to strengthen and extend their existing network of trusted contacts.

It's a great way to share stories and invite discussion on sustainability practices and approaches that are working in your Council is via the ICLEI Oceania LinkedIn group.

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