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Here's some photo inspiration for our Flower Class -- drop in tonight, 8 pm, Lines Ballet (26 7th Street, 5th Floor, studio 2) for $30. Student
Artists: GlitterGirl 2 petal flower
Photo: Dalton Chan
Location: Top of Lombard Street. You can even see the Bay Bridge over GlitterGirl's head.

The Practice

I'm not sure if I believe Malcolm Gladwell's theory, made popular by his book Outliers, that 10,000 hours is sort of the magic number where one reaches mastery. Nor would I say I'm convinced otherwise by the concepts David Epstein presents in The Sports Gene where the conversation about nature vs nurture continues. Gladwell certainly concedes it's a complex issue and Epstein's TED talk makes a strong case for how we've been pushed towards sports that fit our body types such as tall players playing basketball and smaller, more compact bodies for female gymnasts, as example of aptitude. Despite the disputes of the 10,000 hour theory, or maybe because of them, I'm really looking forward to the results we'll see in 2018 of this experiment testing the 10,000 hours to mastery theory in a golf player who contends that if the theory is correct, he will be able to play golf competitively after his 10,000 hours are up (projected to be 2018). It's certainly some interesting food for thought if you desire to excel at your chosen hobby and/or practice, though I'm not sure all that matters.

Here's what does matter.  The Guardian reported that "Each of these books arrives at a broadly similar conclusion: that it is practice that matters most" so it's clear no one's saying practice doesn't help even though Smithsonian reported in August 2014 that practice does not make perfect -- which is okay, because we think practice makes progress.

Regardless of the time frame to the ever elusive label of mastery, I'm certain practice is good for me, even if mastery is still in degrees as discussed related to chess in this article, and in my experience, equally so with other forms. Through-time discovery brings a deeper and subtler understanding of the nuances, an ever improving connection one can only acquire through practice.

I've been asked many times over the years about practice, motivation, the reasons to do it, "when will I know I'm good?" and a slew of other questions that are natural to ask as you invest more and more time into a practice. In fact, these questions make sense to ask before you expend much energy on the practice -- after all, why make an investment that doesn't have a return you desire?

In response to some of those questions I present 10 techniques for getting the most out of your 10,000 hours, a really helpful guide full of lots of actionable steps you can take to improve your practice. 

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Video Inspiration....

If you're looking for some video inspiration, here's some fun clips we hope you find as enjoyable as we did: 

Video Lessons & Demonstrations....

Do you know the last Beginner Fire Class of 2014 starts next week? If you want to get warm for the holidays and have some fire experience as we come into the new year, consider joining the class. 

Meanwhile, if you're already indoctrinated and have some questions, maybe one of these articles on the subject of fire safety will have the information you seek, including our downloadable Fire Safety Guide: 

Choreography & Performance Boot Camp

If you're looking to perform and want to level up your choreography and performance skills, consider our 10 week intensive which you can take remotely via Google Hangouts or in person at Temple of Poi. At the end of this Choreography and Performance Boot Camp, you will have written your own performance after understanding the considerations necessary to create a powerful performance piece. 

Upcoming Classes!

Sign up now for one of our upcoming open classes!


Save the Date! Next jam! Thursday November 13, 8:00 PM till we get shut down or too tired to spin. As always, bring your LED poi, staves and other toys. The next jam will be in a new location!! And if you're thinking of going to the next jam, please read this article: 10 Renegade Fire Safety Issues & Solutions (read).

Get inspired and drop in tonight to our mixed level flower class and learn how to make some of these patterns! 

Artists: GlitterGirl & Nova
Photos above: Tommy Wong
Photos below: Patti Leecious
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