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Museums in a Digital Culture
How Art and Heritage Become Meaningful
Edited by Chiel van den Akker and Susan Legêne

This collection of essays takes up the question of the cultural meaning of the information and communications technology that makes these new ways of engaging with art and history possible.
October 2016 | ISBN 9789089646613 | Hardback | 142 pages | 6 b/w illustrations | 6 colour, 4 b/w illustrations
€69.00 | £56.00 | $86.00 | Order here
Unpopular Culture
Edited by Martin Lüthe and Sascha Pöhlmann

This volume introduces a new concept that boldly breaks through the traditional dichotomy of high and low culture while offering a fresh approach to both: unpopular culture. The essays find the unpopular across media and genres, analysing the politics and aesthetics of a side to culture that has been overlooked by previous theories and methods.
Part of the series Televisual Culture | October 2016 | ISBN 9789089649669
Paperback | 340 pages | €89.00 | £70.00 | $110.00 | Order here
Memory in Motion
Archives, Technology, and the Social
Edited by Ina Blom, Trond Lundemo, and Eivind Røssaak

How, in the age of digital computing, instant updating, and interconnection in real time, is social memory created and enacted? This set of essays discusses the new technology of memory from a variety of perspectives that explicitly investigate their impact on the very concept of the social.
Part of the series Recursions | November 2016 | ISBN 9789462982147
Hardback | 332 pages | 39 b/w images | €99.00 | £80.00 | $124.00 | Order here
The Art of Ethics in the Information Society
Mind You
Edited by Liisa Janssens

In this volume, experts working in the sciences, arts, and philosophy of technology share novel perspectives on how we can best identify and navigate the new ethical crossroads emerging in our information society.
November 2016 | ISBN 9789462984493
Paperback | 144 pages | 48 colour images | €34.95 | £28.50 | $43.50 | Order here
The Problem of Theatrical Autonomy
Analysing Theatre as a Social Practice
By Joshua Edelman, Louise Ejgod Hansen, and Quirijn Lennert van den Hoogen

Combining theoretical reflections with materials from European case studies, the authors offer intriguing new methods for the sociological study of theatre.
November 2016 | ISBN 9789462980792
Hardback | 224 pages | 7 line art  | €79.00 | £64.00 | $99.00 | Order here
The Datafied Society
Studying Culture through Data
Edited by Mirko Tobias Schäfer and Karin van Es

This book critically reflects on the role and usefulness of big data, challenging overly optimistic expectations about what such information can reveal.
January 2017 | ISBN 9789462981362
Hardback | 256 pages | 20 colour, 9 b/w illustrations, 7 line art  | €79.00 | £64.00 | $99.00 | Pre-order here
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Book launch 'Film History as Media Archaeology'

On the 14th of October, the festive launch of 'Film History in Media Archaeology', the 50th title in the 'Film Culture in Transition' series, took place in the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The event was well attended, and with speakers including Jussi Parikka, Wanda Strauven, and Michael Wedel, and Patricia Pisters in the discussion panel, a lively and interesting evening was assured. 

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AUP is now a proud member of the Kudos community, a web-based service designed to help publishers, authors and their institutions and funders maximise the visibility and impact of their published work. Find out more
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