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Beyond Bali
Subaltern Citizens and Post-Colonial Intimacy
By Ana Dragojlovic
This ethnography explores how Balinese citizens produce postcolonial intimacy-a complex interaction of claims to proximity and mutuality between themselves and the Dutch under colonialism that continues today. Such claims, Ana Dragojlovic explains, are crucial for the diasporic reconfiguration of kebalian, or Balinese-ness, a concept that encompasses the personal, social, and cultural complexities involved in Balinese identity in Dutch postcolonial society. This identity enables Balinese migrants to see themselves as carriers of unique cultural traditions both promoted by and in disagreement with Dutch cultural values.

Part of the series Asian Heritages | June 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9789462980648
208 pages | 10 b/w illustrations | â‚¬ 79.00 | Â£64.00 | $ 99.00 | Order here
Film Production and Consumption in
Contemporary Taiwan

Cinema as a Sensory Circuit
By Ya-Feng Mon
This book uses the potent case study of contemporary Taiwanese queer romance films to address the question of how capitalism in Taiwan has privileged the film industry at the expense of the audience's freedom to choose and respond to culture on its own terms. Interweaving in-depth interviews with filmmakers, producers, marketers, and spectators, Ya-Fong Mon shows how the industry uses investments to seduce and control the sensory experience of the audience.
Part of the series Asian Visual Cultures | August 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9789089648884
216 pages | â‚¬ 89.00 | Â£70.00 | $ 110.00 | Order here
This week, the Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEASC) is taking place at SOAS, University of London. This year, the conference runs from the 7th to the 9th of September and focuses on five key themes: Aging and Demography; Memory and History; Identity; Trans-Cultural Flows; and Geo-Politics. JEASC provides a major venue for the dissemination of research on East Asian Studies in various disciplines for academics from both the UK and abroad. 
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