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The Roots of Nationalism
National Identity Formation in Early Modern Europe,

Edited by Lotte Jensen

This collection brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to offer perspectives on national identity formation in various European contexts between 1600 and 1815. It challenges the dichotomy between modernists and traditionalists in nationalism studies through an emphasis on continuity rather than ruptures in the shaping of European nations in the period, while also offering an overview of current debates in the field and case studies on a number of topics, including literature, historiography, and cartography.
The Roots of Nationalism is part of the Heritage and Memory Studies series.
ISBN 978 94 6298 107 2 | April 2016
Hardback | 342 pages
€ 99.00 / £ 80.00 / $ 124.00  |  Order here
How Things Make History
The Roman Empire and its terra sigillata Pottery
By Astrid Van Oyen
Bright red terra sigillata pots dating to the first three centuries CE can be found throughout the Western Roman provinces. The pots' widespread distribution and recognisability make them key evidence in the effort to reconstruct the Roman Empire's economy and society. Van Oyen offers a fresh analysis in which the objects are no longer passive props, but rather they actively shape historical trajectories.
How Things Make History is part of the Amsterdam Archaeological Studies series.
ISBN 978 94 6298 054 9 | February 2016
Hardback | 184 pages | 11 colour & 7 b/w illustrations
€ 79.00 / £ 64.00 / $ 99.00  |  Order here

Authority of Images / Images of Authority
Shaping Political and Cultural Identities
in the Pre-Modern World

Edited by Karen L. Fresco
These essays use a range of disciplinary approaches to show how cultural milieux shape representation through normative language, plays and spectacles, manipulations and adaptations of texts and images.
This book is published by MIP in the Studies in Medieval Culture series.
ISBN 978 15 8044 220 6 | February 2016
Hardback | 2450 pages | 8 b/w illustrations
€ 89.00 / £ 70.00 / $ 89.00  |  Order here
Telling Tales and Crafting Books
Essays in Honor of Thomas H. Ohlgren
Edited by Dorsey Armstrong, Shaun F. D. Hughes,
and Alexander Kaufman
The tale lies at the very heart of medieval literature. From the skillfully crafted to the more rudimentary and plain, they often make familiar to modern readers what seems so distant and foreign about the Middle Ages. This volume of essays focuses on the tale and its ability to create "mirth," what modern audiences would often define as "happiness" or "joy."
Telling Tales and Crafting Books is published by MIP in the series Festschriften, Occasional Papers, and Lectures. 
ISBN 978 15 8044 219 0 | February 2016
Hardback | 370 pages | 49 b/w illustrations
€ 99.00 / £ 80.00 / $ 99.00  | Order here
This catalogue describes an American manuscript collection brought to the United States during the first part of the twentieth century. Owned by The Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, Trappist, KY, the eclectic collection includes several important medieval manuscripts, as well as materials of interest for the study of the French Revolution.
This Book is published by MIP in the Monastic Life series. 
ISBN 978 15 8044 222 0 | February 2016
Hardback | 229 pages | 8 colour illustrations
€ 49.95 / £ 40.00 / $ 49.95  |  Order here

International Medieval Congress 2016 in Leeds

The International Medieval Congress 2016 will take place from 4-7 July at the University of Leeds. This year's programme features a special thematic strand 'Food, Feast & Famine'. 
Amsterdam University Press will have a stand at the bookfair. Stop by to see our newest publications in Medieval and Early Modern History or to speak with our commissioning editors!

Announcing the new series Visual and Material Culture, 1300-1700

This series provides a forum for innovative research on the role of images and objects in the late medieval periods. Visual and Material Culture, 1300-1700 will publish monographs and essay collections that combine rigorous investigation with critical inquiry to present new narratives on a wider range of topics, from traditional arts to seemingly ordinaty things. Recognising the fluidity of images, objects, and ideas, this series aims to foster cross-cultural as well as milti-discplinaty exploration. We consider proposals from across the spectrum of analytic approaches and methodologies.
For more information about the series and how to submit a proposal, please visit our website.
Announcing the new series Gendering the Late Medieval
and Early Modern World

This series provides a forum for studies that investigate the themes of women and gender in the late medieval and early modern world. The editors invite proposals for book-length studies of an interdisciplinary nature, including but not exclusively, from the fields of history, literature, art and architectural history, and visual and material culture.  Consideration will be given to both monographs and collections of essays. Chronologically, we welcome studies that look at the period between 1400 and 1700, with a focus on Britain, Europe and Global transnational histories. For more information about the series and how to submit a proposal, please visit our website.
Call for Book Proposals: NIOD Studies on War, Holocaust, and Genocide

The NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences sponsors the publication of the book series 'NIOD Studies on War, Holocaust, and Genocide' by Amsterdam University Press. The editorial board invites book proposals for this English-language series, which encompasses peer-reviewed scholarly work on the impact of war, the Holocaust, and genocide on twentieth-century societies, covering a broad range of historical approaches in a global context, and from diverse disciplinary perspectives.
For more information and to see other NIOD titles, please visit our homepage.

Call for Papers: Journal of European Landscapes 

The Journal of European Landscapes, a new interdisciplinary journal on landscape research, welcomes contributions from all disciplines, with a focus on the areas of history, archaeology, geography and heritage. The editorial board is currently seeking innovative contributions on the following topics:
  1. The archaeology, long-term history and heritage of the cultural and natural landscapes in Europe (including urban and industrial landscapes).
  2. The history of the landscape concept and its associated terminology, in organisational structures as well as in art.
  3. Development, protection and management of historic landscapes in Europe.
  4. Research methodologies that increase our knowledge of the archaeology, history and heritage of the region.
  5. Innovative and programmatic developments in the field of Geo-Spatial Technologies, E-Heritage and the regional exchange and dissemination of digital historical knowledge and information about the area.
  6. Historiographies of archaeological, historical and historical geographical research Europe, as well of its heritage and heritage management.
  7. Articles on new subjects or associative terms, such as energy landscapes or landscape democracy.
  8. European landscapes outside of Europe.
For more information, please visit:
Please send articles to:
Amsterdam University Press at the International Congress on Medieval Studies

This year, AUP was present at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo MI, which took place on the 12-15th of May. The conference drew 2850 participants. The University of Chicago Press had various AUP books at its booth, while AUP had its own display. AUP had four acquisition editors present (Tyler Cloherty, Shannon Cunningham, Simon Forde and Erika Gaffney), who spent Thursday to Saturday meeting with prospective authors. We expect several dozen exciting new monograph proposals to result from this intensive series of interviews.

Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis is the only Dutch-language scholarly history journal that covers the history from antiquity until now, both Dutch and non-Dutch. 

The Dutch and English-language Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History is the most important journal on social and economic history of the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies is an interdisciplinary, bilingual (Dutch and English) journal for the scientific problematisation of gender in relation to ethnicity, sexuality, class, and age. 

For more information, please visit our website or contact
Amsterdam University Press
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