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New books in the series
Crossing Boundaries: Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies
This series publishes works placed at the intersection of disciplinary boundaries to introduce fresh connections between established fields of study. The series especially welcomes research combining or juxtaposing different kinds of primary sources and new methodological solutions to deal with problems presented by them.
Church and Belief in the Middle Ages
Popes, Saints, and Crusaders
Edited by Kirsi Salonen and Sari Katajala-Peltomaa
The roles of popes, saints, and crusaders were inextricably intertwined in the Middle Ages, yet current scholarship rarely treats these three components of medieval faith together. This book remedies that by bringing together scholars to consider the links among the three and the ways that understanding them can help us build a more complete picture of the working of the church and Christianity in the Middle Ages.
Part of the series Crossing Boundaries | July 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9789089647764
276 pages | 10 b/w illustrations | € 89.00 | £70.00 | $ 110.00 | Order here
Prior to the high Middle Ages, the Baltic Rim was largely terra incognita, but by the late Middle Ages, it was home to diverse small and large communities. This book traces the transformation of the Baltic Rim in this period through a focus on the self-image of a number of communities: urban and regional, cultic, missionary, legal, and political. Contributors look at how these communities defined themselves in relation to other groups, how they constructed their identities and customs, and what held them together or tore them apart.
Part of the series Crossing Boundaries | August 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9789089649836
394 pages | € 119.00 | £96.00 | $ 149.00 | Order here
Popular Romance in Iceland
The Women, Worldviews, and Manuscript Witnesses
of Nítída saga

By Sheryl McDonald Werronen
A late medieval Icelandic romance about the maiden-king of France, Nítída saga, was well received in its day and grew in popularity throughout post-Reformation Iceland. It has not, however, received the comprehensive scholarly analysis it deserves. Sheryl McDonald Werronen corrects that here, in a detailed study of the saga and its presentation of women and the Icelandic worldview, including questions of identity, gender, female solidarity, and the romance genre itself.
Part of the series Crossing Boundaries | Forthcoming Oct 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9789089647955
304 pages | € 89.00 | £70.00 | $ 110.00 | Pre-order here
New books by Medieval Institute Publications & Arc Medieval Press
Telling Tales and Crafting Books
Essays in Honor of Thomas H. Ohlgren
Edited by Dorsey Armstrong, Shaun F. D. Hughes, and Alexander Kaufman

This volume of essays focuses on the tale and its ability to create "mirth," what modern audiences often define as "happiness" or "joy," and the significance of the transference of this mirth to audiences.
Medieval Institute Publications | June 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9781580442190
370 pages | € 99.00 | £80.00 | $ 99.00 | Order here
Mary of Nemmegen
The ca. 1518 Translation and the Middle Dutch Analogue, Mariken van Nieumeghen
Edited and Translated by Clifford Davidson, Ton Broos, and Martin Walsh
Mary of Nemmegen, a prose condensation in English of the Middle Dutch play Mariken van Nieumeghen, is an important example of the literature that was imported from Holland in the early part of the sixteenth century and a window to the obsession with the occult in its own time.
Medieval Institute Publications | July 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9781580442190
186 pages | € 79.00 | £64.00 | $ 79.00 | Order here
Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe
Edited by Elizabeth Lambourn

Law has been a primary locus and vehicle of contact across human history—as a system of ideas embodied in people and enacted on bodies; and also as a material, textual, and sensory “thing.” This volume analyses a range of legal encounters in various cultural contexts. The seven essays also explore various material expressions of law that reveal the complexity and intensity of cross-cultural contact in this pivotal era.
Arc Medieval Press | September 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9781942401094
248 pages | € 79.00 | £64.00 | $ 79.00 | Order here
Early English Poetic Culture and Metre
The Influence of G. R. Russom
By M.J. Toswell and Lindy Brady

Ten eminent scholarstake up G. R. Russom’s contributions to early English metre and style, including his fundamental reworkings and rethinkings of accepted and oft-repeated mantras, his word-foot theory, concern for the late medieval context for alliterative metre, and the linguistics of punctuation and translation as applied to Old English texts
Medieval Institute Publications | September 2016 | Hardback | ISBN 9781580442428
180 pages | € 79.00 | £64.00 | $ 79.00 | Order here
More from Medieval Institute Publications:
Environmental Humanities in Pre-modern Cultures welcomes
a new board member

AUP is happy to welcome Professor Steven Mentz as board member of the series Environmental Humanities in Pre-modern Cultures. This series offers approaches to medieval, early modern, and global pre-industrial cultures from interdisciplinary environmental perspectives. To find more about the series and submissions, please visit our website
New Medieval Institude Publications & Arc Humanities Press series

Under the direction of Senior Acquisitions Editor Erica Gaffney, MIP and Arc Humanities have launched three new series in Medieval and Early Modern Studies:
  • Connected Histories in the Early Modern World explores the cultural impact of the movement of people, animals, and objects at a global scale during a period in history when an unprecedented number of people made transoceanic or other long distance journeys.
  • Ludic Cultures, 1100-1700 treats medieval and early modern play in all its innumerable eccentricities, from toys and games to dramatic performances and courtly intrigues.
  • History and Cultures of Food, 1400-1800 publishes contributions to the field of history and culture of food, broadly conceived: a rapidly expanding discipline addressing a rich variety of approaches to a subject that stands at a major disciplinary crossroad.
Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

The Frankfurt book fair is coming up! This year, the fair takes place from 19-23 October. The guest of honour are Flanders and the Netherlands - so of course AUC will be present! You can find us with the university publishers (Universitätsverlage) located in Hall 4.2 at stands E84, E89, and E90. 
Amsterdam University Press joins Kudos

AUP is now a proud member of the Kudos community, a web-based service designed to help publishers, authors and their institutions and funders maximise the visibility and impact of their published work. Find out more
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