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October 2015

About the STARTober challenge 

For those who don´t know about it, Stoptober is a public health campaign that takes place in England in order to encourage smokers to stop that bad habit of theirs (you can see here further information). World Choice Education likes to think positive and we are starting our very own STARTober Challenge! Where every one in the office is starting a new challenge this October! We also invite you to join our challenge and start something new this October, we have selected a different range of options to help you to choose yours! Share your challenge using the hash-tag #WCEstartober .
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Pick up your English lessons again
Has it been a long time since you last studied English? Join the STARTober challenge and start your English lessons on Monday! Contact us and get a quotation!

Do something good for the community
Start a volunteer programme in Bournemouth! Support a Charity shop with your help and contribute to a good cause! You can start any time and will also improve your level of English while gaining valuable work experience!

Start working in your field
Are you tired of working in the hospitality field? Do you want to find the job you are looking for? Why don´t you start by doing an internship in the field that you´ve studied for! See further information! 

Improve your pronunciation and writing
Have you been in England for a long time but are stuck on your level of English?  Is your budget a problem? Don´t worry, we have the most affordable English lessons in Bournemouth, our skill lessons! 32 hours for only £25. Find out more!

From Murcia with Love...

We have the pleasure to announce that we have signed a new agreement with one of the most successful and innovative Language Schools in Murcia, English Cafe! Do you want to learn English in a more relaxed environment? Find out how it works! 


With WCE dreams do come true!   

World Choice Education Team 

Welcome on board Ana!

Meet our new Students Advisor and Admin Assistant! Ana was born in Mexico however she has been living in Spain for a long time and now she´s decided to start a new adventure in Bournemouth! She will be pleased to help you find the programme that you are looking for! Contact her!

Employment Workshop

22nd October
We are organising our Free Employment Workshop this month on the 22nd October. We will help you to prepare your CV and cover letter to start job seeking. It's a free activity where you can meet new people, socialise, practise your English and of course, get valuable tips in preparation of finding temporary work or your dream job in the UK! Contact us to book your space!

Halloween Party

30th October
Face painting, pumpkin carving and much more! Are you going to miss out? On Friday 30th October at 3.30pm we will be expecting you! 

Employment Workshop

24th September

As with every month we organised our Free Employment Workshop and we helped many students to prepare themselves for job seeking!!

The social Room: Tailor-made lessons!  

These are skill lessons where you can practise your speaking, pronunciation, writing and reading while having fun and making new friends. We also have a Beginner's English for those of you who don't yet feel as confident or for those who want to brush up on the basics. Our office is always open to you. There isn't any commitment so just pop in and enjoy your lesson whenever you can! Skill lessons are on everyday from Monday to Friday (3.30pm to 5.30pm) Do you want to know more?
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