Good day All,
Giving Tuesday: We followed through on our intentions with Giving Tuesday to give instead of asking for donations. We phoned most of the numbers on our data base. We prayed for people over the phone and had meaningful conversations. If you did not receive a phone call, you are either overseas or we do not have your correct telephone number. We are passionate to serve and support wherever we can.
Renovations of ‘Die Eiland’: Exciting news from SCAS is that we are awaiting quotes for the renovations of ‘Die Eland’ campsite and plan to do the first phase in February 2018. If you want to assist in any way, please contact us. Our calling is not only to restore the campsite, but to help restore relationships - with God, ourselves, each other and the rest of creation.
International HSBC Rugby Sevens: This weekend SCAS will have 10 men serving at the international HSBC Rugby Sevens tournament in Cape Town. Please pray for courage to serve with love and to recognise opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
With serving love.
The SCAS team
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