Roofing Newsletter  |  May 2014
Malarkey Roofing Newsletter
Malarkey Limited Lifetime Shingle Warranty

Limited Lifetime Shingle Warranty

We are excited to announce the new Limited Lifetime Shingle Warranty. Since 1956, Malarkey has shown a commitment to quality products and we are continually looking for ways to meet the needs of our customers. The Malarkey Limited Lifetime Shingle Warranty provides higher wind warranties and an extended Right Start Warranty period, while still offering the Your Choice Warranty option. For a snapshot of the changes, please reference the Warranty table here.
Paragon Roll Roofing

New Low Slope Products

Malarkey has introduced a newly rebranded Paragon line of products, which feature an SBS enhanced bitumen membrane to meet the needs of a high-performance built-up roofing system. SBS enhanced products absorb thermal shock and movement, allowing the products to perform in all climates.

Malarkey has added a torch grade base and cap, as well as a highly reflective mineral cap, to our Paragon product line. Click here for more details. 

New Product Names

With our expanding product line, we are renaming our low slope products for easier identification. Click here for a table showing showing how the product names will transition. 
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