“There is something about the elephant’s intelligence, its emotional intelligence, its ability to mourn, and its gentleness despite its size…that makes me adore it. I adore all creatures, naturally, but if I have to choose, it is this amazing creature that springs to my mind, and would be my favourite endangered species….

And when mankind is also intelligent, with the potential for greatness and a fathomless facility for emotional intelligence, how is it that we have travelled so far down the wrong routes?

Things have to change…..No More Dodos is helping to make that change.”

CAROL ROYLE  Actress and No More Dodos art ambassador
Helping to save orphan elephants
Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its tusks. So Geoff has been working closely with New Forest-based artist Susie Laan to organise the Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition to help save orphan elephants in Kenya. 

Geoff and Susie have gathered together work from artists around the world, as well as local Hampshire artists, who want to help save elephants through art.

In addition, pupils from schools around the New Forest area have been working to create a herd of elephant sculptures made from donated and recycled materials.
Local over-sixties, including those from local care and residential homes, have also been involved in the project. Their work will be displayed over the New Forest (and surrounding) areas in the weeks leading up to the exhibition.

The Enormous Elephant Art Exhibition will be held at Lyndhurst Community Centre on 29th and 30th October 10am to 4pm plus a gala evening event from 7.30pm on the Saturday, with wine, hot food, music and a silent auction of many of the works on show. Tickets in advance, £12.50.

Elephant paintings and sculptures will be available to buy throughout the exhibition, with proceeds going to the care of the orphan elephants.

Please do come, or support it in some way!
New work by Geoff

Geoff has created some new works for the exhibition, including a 'soft sculpture' representing the elephant's ghost, to which he will be adding an interactive conceptual element.

No More Dodos arts ambassador and musician Glenn Ross is creating a song to be premiered at the opening of the exhibition. He has taken his theme from Geoff's sculpture and they have collaborated on some of the verses.

In addition, No More Dodos has created a poster featuring an early work of Geoff's called Sacred Elephant, a piece which was inspired by reading the legendary poet, playwright and activist Heathcote Williams' epic poem of the same name. The posters, signed by Geoff, will be on sale at just £10 each.

(We will also be selling copies of Heathcote's book at the exhibition, accompanied by a signed card from him).
The Elephant's Ghost (detail), a soft sculpture by Geoff Francis
In the studio, The Elephant's Ghost emerges
Your chance to buy a Sacred Elephant!

A number of products have been created featuring Geoff's Sacred Elephant image.

Please do contact us directly via email if you would like to purchase any of the items below to help raise funds:

Long sleeve t-shirt -  white  (S, M, L, XL, XXL)      £16.50
Long sleeve t-shirt -  black  (S, M, L, XL, XXL)      £17.50

Short sleeve t-shirt - white (S, M, L, XL, XXL)       £13.00
Short sleeve t-shirt - black (S, M, L, XL, XXL)       £15.00

Kid's t-shirt - white  (XS, S, M, L, XL)                    £13.00

Posters (17" x 11")                                                 £10.00
Sacred Elephant mugs                                          £  7.50

Delivery is just £2.99 per order (no matter how many items) or £3.99 for express delivery.
Look out for an upcoming sale of Geoff's work on behalf of No More Dodos

Here's a preview of some of Geoff's paintings celebrating and questioning our relationship with these magnificent creatures...

...and if you can't wait till the next newsletter to own them, do get in touch now! 
The Circus Elephant by Geoff Francis
oil on paper
Inspired by an image of a young elephant at Blackpool Tower Circus
Sacred Elephant by Geoff Francis
print from an original painting
Inspired by Heathcote Williams' epic poem of the same name
The Final Herd by Geoff Francis
oil and pastel on paper
In the Sri Lankan jungle of Anuradhapura, there is a wall of carved elephant images which Geoff sketched in 1979. It struck him even then that it might be the only way we would be able to see these magnificent animals in the not too distant future. 
Wild Thing by Geoff Francis
oil and pastel on paper
This painting was originally conceived as a video to the Jimi Hendrix 
version of the Troggs song Wild Thing.
The conceit was that a smartly dressed businessman is sitting at a bar leering at the cleavage of a smartly dressed woman, who has around her neck a gold chain from which hangs a miniature ivory tusk. Gradually blood oozes down from the tusk, and between her breasts, eventually completely drenching her black satin dress.
Zoo by Geoff Francis
oil and pastel on paper
A concrete floor, a sterile environment. The bars of the cage are suggested. The animal has gone. All that is left is a pile of dung in the centre of the floor,
which can never feed the earth.

Elephants and rhinos are in particular keystone species, who are the gardeners of the forest and plains. Their dung is the seed-bearing fertiliser that maintains the ecology of the habitats they live in.
Feeling inspired?
Here's how you can join in to help
orphan elephants & other rescue work

Go to the Enormous Elephants Art Exhibition
Lyndhurst  Saturday 29th- Sunday 30th October 2016
onation £2.50 / £5 family
Attend the Gala Evening
Lyndhurst Saturday 29th October 7.30pm  
£12.50, tickets in advance only

Place your bid in the silent auction for selected artworks in the exhibition
(email bids also accepted, please ask for details) 

Buy a Sacred Elephant!
Signed poster, t-shirt or mug - available at the exhibition or buy now

Buy artwork, photos, Heathcote William's book Sacred Elephant
and other elephant related items at the exhibition

Acquire one of Geoff's elephant paintings (seen in the preview section of this newsletter) - please register your interest here
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