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Not content to help bring a return of traditional 2D animation through theDRAW-4-2D campaign, Spirit of the Game director Tony White is now actively involved in producing some of our own!  "STAN" is a short, 2D-animated film that is dedicated to the memory of the legendary British sportsman and gentleman, Sir Stanley Matthews. The film is to be premiered in Stoke UK in February, 2015 - gaining a high profile across the international soccer world in the process! Not only will we be breaking new ground with the kind of 2D animation techniques involved but we're using the film as a vehicle to apprentice talented young artists with a passion for traditional animation. To enable this, we're hoping to attract like-minded sponsors to the project. Details can be found on our dedicated website, including a short animated sample of the animation techniques being employed.
In order to share the love for our DRAW-4-2D supporters (and beyond) we recently launched a design competition for emerging artists - i.e. to create a Stan character design for the film. A number of talented artists entered and we're delighted to feature and announce the winning entries here. These principal award-winners, each received a small cash prize, with the promise of their work being featured and animated in the 'STAN' film. As will be seen from the 'STAN' sponsor teaser, there will be a wide range of visual styles and techniques being applied and animated in the film already. Therefore we have decided to feature the competition winning entries in the closing credit sequence of the film - where their additional individual styles will bring even more magic to the film's unique overall texture. Bravo winners - one and all!

Spirit of the Game - the 2D animated feature
All the elements are in place.
Help us raise the money! 

2014 presents an intense creative and financial challenge for the Spirit of the Game animated movie production team - which includes Geoff Francis (writer), director and BAFTA-winning animator Tony White, and business specialist Jacky Walker.

You can help us achieve this by donating funds for Spirit of the Game with a gift from Geoff's archive as a thank you (and thanks to Saatchi Art's endorsement, his work is even more collectable than ever).

Please do contribute if you can - even small amounts will make a difference!

Those of you who know Geoff well, will know how difficult he finds it to ask for direct help. So you will realise we do not make this request lightly.

We are convinced that Spirit of the Game will be a stunning film, with a message for our times, which will be enthusiastically received around the world. So much so that Geoff has decided to personally support Tony's vision by donating from his archive of work to anyone who is generous enough to help bring Spirit of the Game into being.

And when you watch this ground-breaking teaser, you'll see why Spirit of the Game is so special and deserving of your backing!

Bring a special film into being, and receive a very personal gift!

Make your donation straight away
Then contact Jacky Walker to 
choose your gift:
email  or phone 07796 904473.
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