The Connection January 2014

Cloud Or Not To Cloud?

Everything from computer infrastructure, business processes and applications can now run over the internet instead of the hard drive.  One thing to realize is that Cloud Computing might not be for every business.

Cost Reduction:  This shouldn’t be the only determining factor.  It can certainly reduce investment in hardware but there are costs associated with how much resources the company uses on a monthly basis.  Multiply that by the average lifespan of your hardware and it may or may not be worth for your business.

Updates: When the app is web based, the updates happen automatically

Increased Computing Power: You ‘re no longer limited to what a single PC can do. You can attempt greater tasks in the cloud than you can on your desktop.

Improved Compatibility Between Operating Systems: You can connect Windows computer to the cloud and share docuemtns with Mac, Linux or Unix.  The operating system doesn’t matter.

Security:   If your identity management system (such as Active Directory) is your organizations’ life blood, consider the possibility of it being compromised over the internet.

Results: The main goal set by many organizations that have switched to the cloud is increasing IT agility.  However 47% found the cloud implementation beneficial

Ownership: Who really owns your data once you switch to the cloud.  Can you get all your data back should you decide to cancel your services? What happens to your data if the cloud vendor goes out of business?

Privacy: How much data are cloud companies collecting and how might that information be used?

Availability: Will your cloud service go down unexpectedly, leaving you without important information for hours or more?  Remember information is exchanged thru the internet.


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Personal Message

It has been a remarkable 2013 for Matrix.  Our journey has been one of excitement and experiences that have shaped our being and way of thinking.  The relationships forged with each one of you has not just been on a business level, but more so on a personal level.  Over the past 18 months, our team at Matrix has been exercising every week in a culture to develop personally so that we can provide for our customers.

Being present and listening to our way of being and truly understanding the needs, function and existence of your business is what we care about. 

As the new year began I started to reflect on how our staff at Matrix can better help the people we care about. 

I always  had the vision of creating Matrix into something amazing, something extra ordinare.  As I look back over the span of 23 years of Matrix, the one thing which has allowed me to grow personally and in my business is the relationships I have built. I want to extend those relationships to connect with others I know .  Every business struggles with at least one thing.  Whether it be management accounting, business growth, operations, technology, etc.  And we all seem to find ourselves in situations of not really realizing where the shortfalls are and so we continue in the same momentum year after year, with nothing really improving or sometimes not knowing who to turn to.  This is where Matrix can help.  We can connect you with the right resources to help your business be successful.

My team and I look forward to helping you create your possibility.

Likky Lavji

Personal Life Success
How To Unleash Your Greatness In 2014

With the dawn of the new year, many of us assess and reflect on new goals. How will we set the stage to conquer fears and challenges, and achieve the greatest of ambitions?    This is what makes us great and powerful human beings,  taking control and ownership of our life course.    We all love to take credit for our own success, but what about recognizing that behind it all is likely the support of our colleagues, employees and loved ones.  No greatness is achieved without the sharing of powerful and inspiring ideas.  This will ultimately set the stage of you being remarkable in 2014.  To be present to the way we think and show up in the world will ultimately determine our true worth.

Truly consider this year to be the year to shatter all fears, create confidence and perform first class work.  Let this year be the year to make a profound impact on the lives of others around you and remember no act of kindness is too small to make a difference.

Community Events
Air Canada Virus

Over the weekend my wife received an email confirmation  of an electronic ticket purchase for a flight booked on February 14th on Air Canada.  Before she could thank me, I quickly had to tell her that it was not a Valentine's present from me but infact a virus.  The disappointment was nothing in comparison to what could have happened had she infact opened the link.  Here's are some helpful hints on what you can do to avoid the potential of a future virus disaster.

 Our Customers Had To Say

We made an impact from our suggested book the Go Givers in our last newsletter.  Here are some of the things our readers had to say:

Abdul, Parts Manager at Surrey Honda - After reading this book it changed the perspective I had in providing customer service.  I found myself to be more present to listening to the customers and their concerns.  In our business listening is very important not only when dealing with customers but also with the employee's.  Creating a healthy work environment to help employees and customers will help you achieve your goals in the end.  This book has also helped personally develop a better understanding of my three teenage children.

Goodbye Windows XP


Your data is your businesses lifeline.  Yet only 30% of small business have a disaster recovery plan.  Many struggle with what needs to be done; not knowing where to begin.  The likelihood of natural disaster occurring is minimal, however common critical data loss can be attributed to computer virus attack, server software of application bugs, hardware failure, power outages.

So what should you do?


  1. Recognize what is business critical data (emails, sales and shipping records, customer information, etc.)
  2. Have full backup of all your files, emails and other irreplaceable customer data and subsequently create incremental backups every night
  3. Make sure these backups are moved to an off site storage facility
  4. Run a restore test on your data at least once a month.
  5. Keep your hardware up to date
  6. Make a list of all your operating systems and applications (versions, license numbers, configuration details). Create a run book plus screen shots of the configuration screens of your backup software, firewall setup and network drives.
  7. Store all your backup tapes and business critical software/manuals off site
  8. Consider buying serveral emergency laptops and install/configure critical applications and store them offsite.

This may seem like an onerous task in the beginning, but its well worth the effort to protect your investment you have made into your business.


Disaster Recovery

The time has come to say good bye to all things old.  Effective April 8th 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP.  With the approaching end of extended support for Windows XP SP3, users may be placing themselves at risk if they continue to use the Microsoft software.  We understand that customers may feel Windows XP as a solution that works sufficiently for their existing needs.  But have you thought about the impact this could have by not having the support necessary to run your business effectively?

Benefits of Windows 7 and New PC's is far more advantageous when considering the following:
1) Desktop and PC environment far less susceptible to security risk
2) Far less support required
3) Controlled use of budget dollars to support new technology versus unpredictable costs supporting older technology
4) Newer PC's have a minimum of 4GB of memory capacity
5) Faster uptime of rebooting computer

Don’t take your operating system for granted until something doesn’t work.  Upgrade your PC to run at least Windows 7 and make sure you have a decent automated backup/monitoring devices.  To gain better understanding of the impact of Windows XP, call Matrix, we will be happy to guide you.