January 2021

     We are living in history (continued).
     Yesterday afternoon while driving to the vaccination clinic at the Tacoma General Hospital, it occurred to me that this was an historic occasion. I've become used to the normal recommended vaccines for measles, mumps, tetanus, etc., but the Covid-19 vaccine is in its importance on a level with the vaccines for smallpox and polio. I remember seeing the smallpox vaccination scar on my mother's arm, and recently read this story about the connection between Mary Poppins and the polio vaccine. I've written before about my father's younger sister, whose life was saved by the newly-developed penicillin. 
      History - our ancestors were living it then, and we are living it now.    

What I've Been Doing
* Working on another unknown grandparent case: my client's mother was a foundling in 1907. This case is complicated by the fact that her ancestors were all in a small region of Maine, and I suspect there were lots of intermarriages between cousins....
* Learning to use a new tool for writing: Papyrus Author.  
*  It occurred to me not long ago that I know more about my husband's ancestry and family history than most of his siblings, nieces and nephews, not to mention our children and grandchildren. So I've begun writing a family history, including lots of documents and DNA analysis.

What I'm Reading
    This is the review of The Chester Creek Murders I just posted on Amazon: "I've been a professional genealogist for over 10 years, and I've read a LOT of genealogy mysteries. This one is (by far) the best one I've ever read. In the author's use of current tools and methods known to genealogists for solving "unknown person" mysteries (such as DNA Painter, GedMatch and clustering) to the up-to-date reveal of current events in the growing threat of the coronavirus (the story begins in January 2020), this is a wonderful read. And although the author is British, and his previous books are mostly set in Great Britain, he makes Salt Lake City come alive. I can't wait for the next book in this series!"
In the News
 A newly launched newspaper database: Plains to Peaks Historic Newspapers

Mother meets daughter 54 years later

DNA links 5500 year old remains to living descendant

Changes at FamilyTreeDNA and GedMatch

A review of the last 20 years of genetic genealogy

An affordable all-day DNA & Genealogy conference!

Here's a complete guide to US State Censuses, by year

Upcoming (Online) Presentations

Tuesday, May 18, 1pm
Case Studies in DNA
Whidbey Island Genealogical Searchers 

Summer wishes you a
Cool Yule!
Off Topic
Looking for a good book to read? Try the NPR Book Concierge!

I've just discovered (and bookmarked) C-Span, where I can view up-to-date info on the President's daily calendar & the White House briefings.
Our nephew Jason was part of the Washington National Guard sent to Washington DC. He's back home, and said it was very boring. Which was the point!
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