August 2018

Take Advantage of Online Education
    I wrote in one of my previous newsletters that I was planning to attend a day-long session at the Seattle Public Library on Thursday, Sept. 6. It was just announced that the sponsors of Unlock the Past are going to livestream these sessions, so by paying $65 (instead of $45 to be physically present) I can avoid downtown Seattle traffic, tolls across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and parking fees. That's worth $20 to me, and in addition, all the sessions (not just the DNA stream) are included! 
   In this day and age, if you have a computer (or an iPad, or a phone) and internet, there is no excuse for not getting the education you need to pursue those ancestors. Here are some of my favorite places to get an education while sitting in my recliner drinking my morning coffee:   
  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars:$49.95 per year; over 700 webinars in their library; handouts available to subscribers only. Includes DNA by Blaine Bettinger & Irish research by John Grenham; others by certified genealogists Judy Russell, Dr. Thomas W. Jones, Elissa Scalise Powell,
  • Ancestry Academy: free; includes DNA, church records, pre-1850 census, city directories, wills and probate
  • $99 per year; just launched by Blaine Bettinger, Includes biweekly newsletter, written lessons, and other great resources
No matter where you live, you no longer have to travel to a conference to get a good genealogy education!

What I've been doing:
*  Attended the Northwest Genealogy Conference in Arlington, WA, where I got to hear CeCe Moore in 3 keynote lectures and a banquet presentation
* Began writing a research plan for my trip to Indiana and Michigan next month
* Taught 2 classes on genealogy at my church's family camp 
*  Participated in an "Ask the Experts" event at the Seattle Genealogical Society
*  Helped a client compose a letter to her previously unknown half siblings
What I'm Reading
I will be the first to tell you that I don't have any Eastern European ancestry, but I'm taking a good look at this book , looking for resources for a client who is traveling to Prague next month. In skipping over the chapters on Poland, it occurred to me that I do have some West Prussian ancestry on my mother's side. My German research has been long neglected (if indeed I was ever serious about it), so I think I'm going to have to read the chapters on Poland as well as Czechoslovakia!
In the News:
Library and Archives Canada updates their research guide on early census records

The Royal Scots open a digital archive

View free archived films on Prelinger Archives

Here's a good explanation of double-dating
Crystal Lake, here I come!!
Summer Catherine (10 months) is tuckered out from almost walking!
Last Presentations of the Year
This year has been full of health and family difficulties, and as a result I'm slowing way down on lecturing. I don't have anything scheduled beyond these, so if you want to come hear me, mark your calendar!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2 pm
   Frank Tobey Jones: DNA and Genealogy

Wednesday, September 12, 2 pm
    Franke Tobey Jones: Case Studies in DNA

And a special honor: I have been asked to preach at my church on what I do for a living and how I live out my Christian life in my work. My sermon is tentatively called "Shining Light in Dark Corners: Genealogy, DNA and the Truth." Come hear me at 8am or 10am on Sunday, October 7 at St. John's Episcopal Church, Gig Harbor!

DNA News

From the Atlantic: readers share their experiences after DNA revelations

The Twilight of Closed Adoptions

Yes, siblings can have different ethnicity estimates

MyHeritage is having an end of summer DNA Sale

CeCe Moore will be speaking in Port Townsend on Saturday, Nov. 10

Neanderthal hybrid discovered by DNA testing 
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