May 2020   

Companies Offering Free Resources During Quarantine

    During this unprecidented time in history (are you getting tired of hearing that phrase? I think I am...) many companies are offering free access to online resources:

  • Ancestry Library Edition, normally only available INSIDE most public libraries, is now available from home with your library card
  • National Genealogical Society is offering free access to their NGS Monthly, through July 31, 2020
  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars is offering a free webinar every day, through the end of this month
  • JSTOR (Journal Storage) offers free access during the pandemic
  • The British Museum offers millions of images for free
Now is a great time to make use of these free resources!


What I've Been Doing
*   Delving deep into Philadelphia Catholic parish records, in order to push back another generation of a client's Irish ancestry (see blog post below)
*   Participated in my first ever virtual choir, now posted on YouTube here: (beginning at 43:05)
*   Reading lots of articles about coping with the stay-at-home orders, such as this one: The Weight of Having to Wait
*   Preparing lectures for online presentations 
*   Continuing work on my next book: Don't Trust the Transcript: Avoiding the Pitfalls in Genealogy Research
*   Bookmarking websites that keep track of rising Covid-19 infections (like this one)

What I'm Reading
   I'm getting more and more book recommendations on Facebook, and The Other Family by Loretta Nyhan caught my eye. Ally is trying to find answers to her daughter's autoimmune diseases and their latest doctor suggests that it might be hereditary, and recommends DNA testing. Ally is adopted, and is torn between her mother's insistence "I am Polish, and so are you" and her curiosity about the DNA test results, which show Irish and Italian ancestry. Don't look to this for accuracy (the DNA company is a fictitious one), but as a fun read for characters and situations. 
In the News
  The National Genealogy Society Conference is virtual this year: attend without leaving home!

A hidden photo reveals a secret past

National Genealogy Society is offering free access to their archived issues of NGS Monthly! (through July 2020)

The Midwest African American Genealogy Institute in July is now virtual
Summer is now two and a half!
Upcoming (Online) Presentations

Tuesday, May 12, time TBD 
Tacoma Pierce Co. Genealogy Soc.
(registration required: email
Social Media and Genealogy

Thursday, May 14, 7pm PDT (registration required)
Genealogy 101: How to Use Genealogy Software & 

Thursday, May 28, 7pm PDT (regisstration required)
Genealogy 102: Free Resources Online & Continuing Education

New Blog Post:
Beyond Dig Deeper into Family History

DNA News

 A new genealogy TV program that I'll be watching: CeCe Moore stars in The Genetic Detective, beginning May 19

Ancestry DNA tests are on sale for $59 plus shipping

Three men were buried in Mexico 500 years ago; now DNA is telling their stories

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