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Issue: June 2014
June was the month of meet ups with our global community connecting person to person in Shenzhen, Dubai, Italy and Chicago.   Many of us talk and connect daily, but have never actually met in person. Kelly Smales (ICA Community Manager) organised the Chicago catch up and summed up her experience perfectly - 'I went on a trip...only to find that I arrived home' This was the case for many of us and for me, perfectly explains our unique community.  We're global and wide reaching, but at the same time, close and connected.

Robyn Logan
CEO International Coach Academy

p.s. Our next meet up is in Lisbon, Portugal so if you are going to be nearby, drop in and say hi!

Coaching + Your Existing Profession = Blended Coaching

When ICA started up 14 years ago, students were wanting to leave their day job and Become a Coach.  Fast forward to today and we have more and more graduates who are not leaving their day jobs, but instead, blending accredited coaching with their existing profession. In June we showcased how many of our graduates are 'Blending Coaching' .  Here's a recap... 

[CoachStreet] Blended Coaching
Hollywood does it, accountants do it according to Andrea and Robyn. They ‘blend’ coaching with their existing business or profession to get better results for their clients. Coaching is not longer just for coaches, and coaches no longer just do coaching. > More

[Enrollment Offer] One Months FREE Tuition
For the first two weeks of June, new students were extended one months tuition for free.  If you missed out on this offer, and have been considering coach training, let us know so we can keep you updated on any future tuition savings 

[Research Paper] In-Programme Coaching
by By Jenny Magee (Executive Coach, New Zealand)
Training imparts knowledge & develop skills in a group setting. Coaching focuses on the individual. When you blend coaching and training the results speak for themselves... > More

[Power Tool] Have To vs. Choose To
by Josh Paulsen (Life Coach, United States)
When you say that you have to do something, what you are really saying is “If I had my way, I would do something else. I don’t have a choice”. Shift this and become empowered...   > More

[Coaching Model] The Snakes & Ladders Model 
by Sabine Biesenberger (ICA Student, Australia)
Life throws up challenges and makes our clients doubt or change their goals. What if we compare life with a game...      > More
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