Simply Testable Updates #93: Mobile-Ready Test Progress

Simply Testable Updates #93: Mobile-Ready Test Progress

June 11, 2014
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This is the 93rd of weekly progress updates on the development of Simply Testable, your professional automated web frontend testing service providing one-click testing for your entire site.

Mobile-Ready Test Progress
In last week's newsletter I mentioned that work had started on making the test progress page ready for mobile devices and that I'd like to have the changes ready in time for this newsletter.

I wasn't sure if this would happen due to the complexity of the page being updated.

In the end the changes came together nicely and with few annoyances and were released live yesterday. Or maybe the day before yesterday. One of the two. The changes were released live earlier this week. Perhaps yesterday.

Further test progress improvements:
  • Less cluttered header: only details relevant to the current state of the test are displayed
  • Faster live results: for tests that have live results split across pages (try testing a 500-page site to see), all pages other than the first are loaded only when needed
  • Faster rendering for live results: all the HTML bits and bobs that are used to present the live results are rendered server-side instead of in the browser which is kinder on less powerful mobile devices
  • Consistent per-URL results: with the live results rendered server-side, we can now use the exact same markup and styling for per-URL results as we do for the test results page

Mobile-Ready Dashboard Underway
With the mobile-ready test progress page complete, work has started on the mobile-ready dashboard. That's the page from which you can start a new test and the page you generally end up at after signing in to your account.

I'd like to have the changes ready in time for week's news newsletter but at present there is too much outstanding work to give any realistic guess.

Upcoming Development
I'll continue to update the Simply Testable services to be more friendly to vastly differing screen sizes and will continue to help make it more clear when account-only features are an option.

As always, if you'd like to see web testing you find boring handled automatically for you, add a suggestion or vote up those that interest you. This really helps.

Feedback, thoughts or ideas: email, follow @simplytestable or keep an eye on the Simply Testable blog.


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