Simply Testable Updates #115: Ignoring file:// URLs For JS analysis, Scheduled Test Development

Simply Testable Updates #115: Ignoring file:// URLs For JS analysis, Scheduled Test Development

March 4, 2015
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This is the 115th of weekly progress updates on the development of Simply Testable, your professional automated web frontend testing service providing one-click testing for your entire site.

Ignoring file:// URLs for JS Analysis
I noticed this week that JavaScript static analysis tests for a given URL were failing.

After investigating, I saw that the page in question had a linked JavaScript resource with a URL of the form file://path/to/script.js. Regardless of the fact that such a resource won't work on the Internet, this shouldn't cause a JavaScript static analysis test to fail.

I updated the JavaScript static analysis handler to ignore script URLs that use the file:// scheme. Although such URLs are of no benefit on the Internet, you can now safely use them in pages and still get meaningful test results.

I added issues to our bug tracker to issue warnings or errors (not yet sure which) when file:// URLs are encountered in pages as these are clearly a sign of there being something wrong.

Scheduled Test Development
Work started this week on scheduled tests which will introduce the ability to schedule one-off or repeat tests to be run at a time of your choosing.

Much of the effort involved in actually getting a test to run at a given time will be handled by cron PHP package.

Before tackling any scheduling aspects of this change, I first need to introduce the ability to choose in advance what options a test will take.

At present, the configuration of a test is stored along with the test -  a test can't exist without its configuration, and the configuration can't live without its test. These two aspects are too tightly coupled.

I've started de-coupling a test from its configuration and the core application (the brains of the operation) is now able to store the configuration for a test independently of a test. This change is now live but without there being an interface you can't really use it just yet.

I'm currently working on the REST API of the core application to provide a programmatic interface to managing test configurations which will then lead to an interface in the web client.

These changes should have progressed much further by the time next week's newsletter turns up.

Upcoming Work
Over the coming week I'll continue to work on being able to create saved test configurations and then introduce scheduled tests.

As always, if you'd like to see web testing you find boring handled automatically for you, add a suggestion or vote up those that interest you. This really helps.

Feedback, thoughts or ideas: email, follow @simplytestable or keep an eye on the Simply Testable blog.


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