Simply Testable Updates #38: Stripe Integration Investigation, Account Plans, Your Account Page

Simply Testable Updates #38: Stripe Integration Investigation, Account Plans, Your Account Page

May 1, 2013
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This is the 38th of weekly progress updates on the development of Simply Testable, a brand new automated web frontend testing service providing one-click testing for your entire site.

Highlights from this week:
  • Stripe (payment handling) integration investigation
  • Initial account plans created
  • Your account page progress
  • Account plan limits not yet implemented
Stripe (payment handling) integration investigation
I planned from the outset to use Stripe for handling payments and was lucky enough to get accepted to the UK beta of the service.

I've spent many hours this week reading through the Stripe API documentation to understand what is needed of Simply Testable to associate your account with a paid subscription.

As I'd hoped, integrating with Stripe is amazingly straightforward.

Initial account plans created
The majority of this past week was spent investigating what types of account plan could be created and how these could be implemented.

Yesterday and today I deployed to the production server the changes required to support account plans. I then created two initial plans (public and basic) and added all existing users to the basic plan.

The public plan is not one you'll ever see mentioned on the site. This is a special plan for the totally free tests you can currently run without being signed in. This limits the number of URLs that can be tested for a site, limits the number of times a site can be tested per month and limits the number of types of test you can run at one time.

All registered users are currently subscribed to the basic plan. This is a free plan and always will be. Currently there are no limits but this will change once paid plans are introduced.

For the first X days after the introduction of paid plans, all existing and new users will have the option to upgrade for free to a year-long paid subscription. I'm not yet sure what 'X' will be but am currently thinking somewhere around 30.

Your account page progress
As far as your account goes you can sign in, sign out and reset your password if you've lost it.

Account creation was launched back on 9 November 2012 with a minimal set of features as there wasn't really anything you could do with your account.

That will be changing over the coming weeks with the addition of paid plans.

In preparation for this, the 'your account' page is under development to initially introduce some basic features such as changing your email address and password.

When paid plans are introduced, additional features will be added to allow you to change the plan you subscribe to.

Account plan limits not yet implemented
Account plans can have limits, such as restricting you to checking only the first 10 URLs of a site instead of the entire site.

These limits exist and are defined for the current account plans but nothing has yet been put in place to enforce them.

I expect this to be the case until the 'your account' page is ready.

Upcoming development
On Friday I'm off on vacation to Scotland for a week. I don't expect to make much more progress for the rest of this week and certainly won't be making any progress until I return back to work on Monday 13 May.

Work will then continue on the 'your account' page followed by implementing the enforcement of account limits.

As always, if you'd like to see web testing you find boring handled automatically for you, add a suggestion or vote up those that interest you. This really helps.

Feedback, thoughts or ideas: email, follow @simplytestable or keep an eye on the Simply Testable blog.


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