Simply Testable Updates #80: Stripe Integration Complete (Phew!)

Simply Testable Updates #80: Stripe Integration Complete (Phew!)

March 12, 2014
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This is the 80th of weekly progress updates on the development of Simply Testable, your professional automated web frontend testing service providing one-click testing for your entire site.

Highlights from this week:
  • Stripe integration complete
  • Cookie-based auth coming soon
Stripe integration complete
Integration with Stripe (our payment processor) is complete.

Prior to just a few minutes ago integration was only partially complete - you could subscribe to a premium plan, switch between plans, add or modify payment card details and happily enjoy a 30 day free trial.

Lacking were notifications; you weren't kept aware of what is going on. Lacking also was the automatic downgrading to our free plan when relevant. You'd probably not mind but we do as we need to generate reveune in order to continue providing the service.

You'll now be notified via email when/if:
  • subscribing to a plan
  • switching between plans
  • your trial is 3 days from the end
  • your trial runs out
  • you are dropped down to the free plan if you haven't provided payment details by the time your trial runs out
  • we successfully take a payment
  • we're unable to take a payment
This should mean you always have a record of all important payment-related changes to your account.

Cookie-based auth coming soon
About a month ago I was asked if we supported the testing of sites that use cookie-based authentication to which I said "no" and then followed that up straight away with "but I'd like to".

With the Stripe integration changes out of the way there's now time to focus once more on new features and the first is adding support for testing sites that use cookie-based authentication.

You will, at least initially, need to know the relevant cookie names and values for this to work. That's somewhat technical but from what I've seen so are many users of the service. If you need to test sites where the content is user-dependent and if you're able to generate the relevant authentication cookie values this is for you.

Upcoming Development
Adding support for cookie-based auth is all that is definitely planned for now. I'll also be dabbling with PhantomJS/CasperJS with respect to adding support for scriptable arbitrary frontend testing.

As always, if you'd like to see web testing you find boring handled automatically for you, add a suggestion or vote up those that interest you. This really helps.

Feedback, thoughts or ideas: email, follow @simplytestable or keep an eye on the Simply Testable blog.


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