An Evening on Grief and Sorrow - with Julia Samuel

Thursday 15 March | Conway Hall, London | 7pm | £30

Loss is a deeply private thing. It can be predicted but never really prepared for, and the emotional response we undergo is often equally unsure. Even in situations where we do not experience bereavement explicitly – in divorce, for example, or when events conspire to permanently deny us certain opportunities – we can experience shattering dimensions of grief.

Losing someone we love requires us to honour that person’s absence. It might feel scary, but we need to explore the way that losing them affects our life, just as we explored life with them as a part of it. That's why The School of Life have invited renowned psychotherapist, bereavement counsellor and author Julia Samuel to host a special one-off event to explore the difficult and complicated emotions tied up with the experience of loss.  Drawing from her many years of professional experience, Julia will help us to consider the nature of the grieving process: how we heal and how we come to terms with loss. The evening will also involve (entirely voluntary) periods of interaction and participation; audience members will be invited to share their experiences of grief and will be invited to pose questions for Julia in a Q&A session.

Join us this March for a compassionate and supportive discussion of what it means to lose someone you love.

About the speakers
Julia Samuel
Julia Samuel is a psychotherapist specialising in grief, who has spent the last twenty-five years working with bereaved families. She was a counsellor at St Mary’s Hospital for over two decades, providing guidance and emotional support to those living through the tragedy of a child’s death. In 1994 she helped launch and establish Child Bereavement UK, as Founder Patron, a leading national charity which offers support for families who have lost a child and children who have themselves experienced loss.
Thought of the Day

“Death is the great exposer: it forces hidden fault lines and submerged secrets into the open, and reveals to us how crucial those closest to us have been.”

- Julia Samuel

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