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2012 Think & Eat Green Summer Institute

Wow! We made it through our 2nd Think & Eat Green @ School Summer Institute! Be sure to check our out our website, our flickr photo page (photos are up already!), and our twitter account for the follow up and to stay connected throughout the year! There'll be photos, stories, and memories to spare...

Perhaps you have a few stories to tell as well? Send them our way to 

A time to reflect...

While it is the beginning of the summer growing season, for most schools, it’s the end of another learning season. After spending the past eight months at school,  students ’round the province are heading into a golden summer.  But for Think & Eat Green schools, the end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on the activies and development that occured in and around their school gardens and kitchens. And fortunately for us, all that reflection is displayed in 12 beautiful posters created by each school!

Check out our post for more photos and a slideshow of all the posters!

Grandview in The Tyee

Colleen Kimmett, writer for The Tyee tells the story of the fine work being done at Grandview/¿uuqinak’uuh Elementary in her recent feature  ”How Grandview Elementary Fills up Student Plates.” What they do with their filled up plates? That's up to the students... “…[instead of making salads] most [students] keep their vegetables carefully, almost obsessively, segregated on their green plastic trays and consume each item — kale, carrot, apple and sunflower seeds — in turn.” Read the full article here!

IEAT Surveys Completed!

26 schools. 47 classrooms. 942 students. The IEAT surveys co-ordinated by Jennifer Black and her team of Naseam Ahmadi and Teya Stephens have reached a wide breadth of the Vancouver School community with their IEAT Surveys which . It is a tremendous accomplishiment that will yield valuable data. We are excited here at Think & Eat Green, and would like to thank the team for their excellent work! We eagerly look forward to seeing some of the findings too!

Sexsmith on Global

Global TV features the Farm to School program on its evening news, and Sexsmith Elementary gets a share of the spotlight.
Read on, and watch on!

Van Tech Garden

The Vancouver School Board and Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society committ to large scale school garden on the grounds of Van Tech Secondary. It's big, it's bold, it's the first of its kind. Read on!

Closing The Loop

The City of Vancouver is preparing a program of regulatory changes and adjustments to zoning bylaws and food policy is at the heart of the movement. Check out the Vancouver Sun article featuring comments from Think&EatGreen@School team member Brent Mansfield.
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