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November Newsletter

This month from Think & Eat Green: 2012-2013 Small Grants for VSB Schools, a visit from UBC Enhanced Practicum Students, Tea-Time at the Tyee, TEG in the news, and more!

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November is an exciting time for the TEG @ School team, as the small grants that 'plant the seeds' for school gardens, preparing and sharing food, composting, and curriculum develpment to nurture healthy minds and bodies have been awarded to sixteen Vancouver public schools. Below is a list of the 2012-2013 Think & Eat Green Schools along with a sample of the goals and activities these schools look forward to achieving in the coming year.


Grandview/ ¿uuqinak’uuh
Top goals at Grandview include healthy food preparation workshops for parents & continuing support of its expanding E.A.R.T.H School initiatives (Environmentally aware and Actively engaged in Real-life experiences Through action at Home and around the world).

Grenfell is interested in garden development for Project Chef & classroom cooking as part of its larger goal to deepen parent & community involvement. (To read more about Project Chef, click here).

This is the 3rd year of Henderson School's gardening project, and they wish to maintain momentum & further development with UBC involvement. Among other goals, Henderson is interested in worm composting, curriculum development, and growing wheat to grind into flour.

Henderson Annex
Small grant funds will go towards garden building supplies and tools for the school's first (and long-anticipated) garden beds!

L'Ecole Bilingue
L'Ecole Bilingue looks to garner supplies for fruit trees donated by the City as well as funding Food Wisdom (traditional food skills) workshops.

Lord Kitchener
The goal for 2013 will be to educate children about the nutritional, cultural, environmental, and social benefits of just & local food systems. Currently, students have researched & designed a food garden.

Queen Alexandra
Building a connection between students and earth & food systems through compost expansion, as well as expansion of the garden program to all students.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth School is happy to help other schools in garden establishment, keen to try innovative curriculum ideas & develop a community of learners!

Queen Mary
Among other plans, Queen Mary aims to purchase and create Teaching Resource Materials, establish schoolwide composting and an herb garden, as well as start the "Meeting of Minds" - free or low-cost learning events with guest speakers to reinforce or enhance the learning and messages related to Thinking & Eating Green!

Sexsmith School looks to improve and maintain garden beds & maintenance with new tools & supplies. As a continuing TEG School, it also hopes to engage students in activities which "identify their position in and the benefits of participating in a local food cycle".

Tillicum Community Annex
Cooking classes with Kiwassa Neighborhood House, an expanded garden for a salad bar and outdoor learning, with the help of UBC's Community Learning Initiative  will be coming to Tillicum soon!

Over at Tyee the focus is on food preparation and sharing, potato growing supplies, Earth Bites, a garden pottery project, fruit trees, and more! This TEG School's overall goal is to connect the garden and food preparation as on-going learning experiences and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the garden program.

University Hill
University Hill Elementary School looks to gain a compost bin, garden tools, seeds, food preparation supplies, a harvest celebration, tool shed, garden signs, and resource books for curiculum development.


Churchill's TEG Team says: "We hope that these funds will be the catalyst for menu change at Churchill", with improved integration of local food into cafeteria meals.  To bring about these changes, the grant will fund seasonal cooking workshops and menu planning support for cafeteria staff.

David Thompson
David Thompson hopes that its garden will act as a springboard for cross-curricular connections related to thinking and eating green.

Spectrum Alternate
Students in the current food program make lunch for 70 every school day with local food and garden vegetables. They hope to also create a guild (plant companion native plants around a fruit tree), build cold frames for year-round gardening and build and maintain chicken coops!

Congratulations to all recipient schools!

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T&EG @ School: Tea-time for Tyee Elementary Students

I'm a little tea-pot... The students at Tyee Elementary may soon be sipping teas they've grown from tea-cups they crafted themselves ! Read about Tyee's latest project here

Welcome to UBC Enhanced Practicum Students!

Two weeks ago, Think & Eat Green had 20 Secondary School teacher candidates from the UBC Faculty of Education visit to learn about the Think & Eat Green @ Schools project, and their possible enhanced practicum placements this spring. Read all about it in the full blog post here.

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