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SIRIUS is a European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background. The project runs over a 3 year period (2012-2014) and is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. Network partners include research centres, universities, civil society organisations and public entities. SIRIUS integrates existing studies and reports on migrant education, updates data, and hope to transform the policy implementation on migration and education throughout the European Union. Have a look at the SIRIUS brochure for more details.


SIRIUS has released a synthesis report regarding its National Round Tables in 2013. It presents an overview of last year's themes and summarizes the discussions and recommendations of the meetings.


This comparative report sums up the content and recommendations of the Thematic Workshops in 2013 on the topics of Segregation and Integration in Education; Transitions; and Language Support to Immigrant (Minority) Children in Europe. 


Parental Involvement
Highlighting the importance of involving parents and immigrant communities in the education of their children, SIRIUS describes eight successful parental initiatives in Croatia, Estonia, Germany and Spain, and proposes a set of quality standards for parental involvement.

Building professional capacity

Drawing from a series of peer reviews, surveys and policy maker meetings, SIRIUS has released a report on capacity building, including policy recommendations on the matter. 

SIRIUS Peer Review

In November, SIRIUS members visited Norway to assess its current state of migrant education. Identifying best practices, they have now published their findings and recommendations on how to advance intercultural education throughout the country.

SIRIUS Event Report

School Concentration
Organised in the ENAR offices, MPG held a meeting with the objective of developing practical and policy recommendations for schools and governments on how to deal with segregation in schools.


Have you had a look at the videos on SIRIUS TV? This section offers a collection of videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that deal with different aspects of migrant education. Some recently posted videos include:


Brussels, 19 March 2014The face of diversity: How to increase representation of people with a migrant background within education 
SIRIUS partners and stakeholders will come together to discuss practical and policy measures on how to effectively increase the diversity among educational practitioners. The event will be hosted by SIRIUS partner, the Flemish Education Agency – VLOR.


Barcelona, 2 April 2014Thematic Workshop on School Governance 
Organised by ERDISC research team of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in cooperation with the regional government of Catalunya.


Barcelona, 3-4 April 2014: 5th SIRIUS Policy Network General Meeting
SIRIUS members and stakeholders will discuss current SIRIUS developments and outline their strategy for the post-2014 phase. In addition, there will be a separate meeting for policy makers to strengthen the network's influence on the policy level. 

SIRIUS Interviews 2013

Highlighting the work of grassroot organisations across Europe working toward inclusive education in order to empower immigrants and raise awareness of their activities.

Austria: Centre for Social and Integration Projects; From Migrants for Migrants
Belgium: Federation of Active Associations of Belgium
Bulgaria: Council of Refugee Women
Croatia: Kali Sara Roma Association
Germany: Teachers with a migration backgroundThe Muslim Family Organisation Masjid Rahma
Greece: Greek Forum of Migrants
Hungary: Migrant's Help Association of Hungary
Ireland: Immigrant Parents and Guardians Support Association
Latvia: Association Shelter Safe House
Lithuania: Arab Community in Lithuania and Centre PLUS; Tolerant Youth Association
Netherlands: Foundation for Knowledge and Social Cohesion
Spain: Cultural Centre for Children

Good practices

Two relevant good practices were uploaded on the European Web Site on Integration this month: (1) the Intercultural School Award and (2) Multitraining.

The Intercultural School Award (Portugal) is a public recognition for schools that have assumed a leading role in promoting intercultural and inclusive education. 

Multitraining (Poland) is a project to increase intercultural sensitivity and competences among public service personnel, who have frequent contact with third-country nationals.
Mother tongue education in Austria is increasing popular and available. According to a survey of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, more than 32,300 pupils are receiving education in their mother tongue. A total of 24 languages ​​are offered, the most popular ones being Turkish and Serbo-Croatian. 
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