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SIRIUS is a European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background. The project runs over a 3 year period (2012-2014) and is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. Network partners include research centres, universities, civil society organisations and public entities. SIRIUS integrates existing studies and reports on migrant education, updates data, and hope to transform the policy implementation on migration and education throughout the European Union. Have a look at the SIRIUS brochure for more details.

SIRIUS Event Report

School concentration - Stakeholder meeting report
Following the stakeholder meeting on school segregation in January, SIRIUS has published a report on the event, hosted by SIRIUS partner European Network against Racism. It summarizes the discussion and presents the list of recommendations drawn up during the meeting on how to tackle school concentration.

Event Report

Meeting report - Making History Work for Tolerance
On 31 January 2014, more than 70 teachers, researchers, students, parents, NGO activists and EU civil servants came together at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss how teaching history can promote tolerance between minority and majority populations.

Event Report

Migration and Cultural Integration in Europe
In December, the German Institute for Foreign Relations organised a conference on “Migration and Cultural Integration in Europe”. SIRIUS was present and highlighted the importance of intercultural education for advancing inclusion, through our work on multilingualism and citizenship education to promote cultural integration. The conference report and presentation can be found here.


According to a 2013 Report on Integration by the Netherlands Institute of Social Research, although children of immigrant descent tend to do better than their parents, both with regards to education and income, they are much more affected by the economic crisis and youth unemployment than native Dutch youth. Even highly educated migrant students are less likely to find work. Young people of immigrant descent also have more difficulties finding VET placements and are more often employed under short-term contracts.


Seeing the need for specific career orientation and assistance for migrant students, civil society organizations from six European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Turkey) set up TANDEM NOW. Funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, this initiative offers mentoring for migrant students on their way to a successful vocational education and training (VET) and a later career.


Supporting second language learning – most German teachers do not feel prepared
Knowledge about learning German as a second language is an increasingly important skill for aspiring teachers. Yet, as a study by the German Mercator Institute recently found out, only about half of them encounter these topics during their teacher training at university. 


Brussels, 19 March 2014The face of diversity: How to increase representation of people with a migrant background within education 
SIRIUS partners and stakeholders will come together to discuss practical and policy measures on how to effectively increase the diversity among educational practitioners. The event will be hosted by SIRIUS partner, the Flemish Education Agency – VLOR.


Barcelona, 2 April 2014Thematic Workshop on School Governance 
Organised by ERDISC research team of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in cooperation with the regional government of Catalunya.


Barcelona, 3-4 April 2014: 5th SIRIUS Policy Network General Meeting
SIRIUS members and stakeholders will discuss current SIRIUS developments and outline their strategy for the post-2014 phase. In addition, there will be a separate meeting for policy makers to strengthen the network's influence on the policy level. 


Riga, 5-6 June 2014Forum of Experience for SIRIUS Network policy makers
The event will offer a platform specifically for policy makers to strengthen cooperation across the EU, attend workshops and share their experiences in policy implementation.

Good practices

This month, the Greek project Linking school and community was uploaded to the European Web Site on Integration as a good practice of fostering social inclusion and educational opportunities for pupils with a migrant background.

"Linking school and community" was a nation-wide programme implemented over three years that tackled early school leaving with a diverse range of measures to involve immigrant families into school life. It supported cooperation between parents, teachers, intercultural mediators and local authorities and encouraged active participation of migrant parents in school-related activities. The program was funded by the European Commission until the end of 2013.


Have you had a look at the videos on SIRIUS TV? This section offers a collection of videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that deal with different aspects of migrant education. Some recently posted videos include: 
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