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SIRIUS Thematic Focus: Enhancing Education Policy

Whilst European countries have well-established education systems, children with a migrant background are disproportionately among the under-performers and face a number of critical education needs that mainstream education policy does not currently meet.

A series of six thematically focused Newsletters will be released over the coming weeks, each focusing on a different aspect of migrant education, in order to highlight the knowledge accumulated within the SIRIUS Policy Network on how to redress education policies to provide more inclusive high-quality education for all learners. 

A Clear Agenda for Migrant Education in Europe

This Agenda and additional Recommendations summarise the policies gathered by the SIRIUS Network over the past three years that prove to be effective in promoting equal access to high quality education and training for all. It also suggests additional support mechanisms for learners with a migrant background where necessary.
Developed through a consultative process with SIRIUS partners and collaborators, the final version of this document is well supported by a wide variety of actors who aim to help raise and spread a strong message for a more inclusive education policy including for immigrant learners.

Helping Children and Youth with Migrant Background Succeed: Making Schools matter for all

European Parliament, 19 November 2014
Committee of the Regions, 20 November 2014

This SIRIUS conference takes place in the European Parliament (invited by MEP Tonino Picula in association with the Network of Education Policy Centres) and the Committee of the Regions in order to highlight successful strategies identified by the SIRIUS Network over the past three years to effectively implement holistic education policies with targeted measures for migrant students on a systematic level. The programme for the event, together with the Conference booklet have now been included.

Enhancing EU Education Policy: Building a Framework to Help Young People of Migrant Background Succeed

This first of our six policy briefs sketches how children with a migrant background face the most urgent needs in Europe’s education systems. It examines a number of proposals for ways that local, national, and regional institutions can help educational systems become more community-centered, systemic, and inclusive in order to close the school achievement gap between native and immigrant students. Read the Migration Policy Institute press release for the brief.

Implementing Policies and Networking

Numerous activities have been undertaken within SIRIUS to encourage networking and implement successful policies on migrant education across Europe. On a national level, Miquel Àngel Essomba (UAB) and Claudia Köhler (efms) have coordinated round tables across Europe in order to establish networks on migrant education in all SIRIUS partner countries (see the 2012 report on national policy implementation processes and the 2013 synthesis of round tables). Thematic workshops have been organised on different aspects of education and migration. In association with Migration Policy Group as communications officer, stakeholder meetings helped bring European migration and education stakeholders together to begin to build the migrant education agenda together, while the Global Development Institute in Latvia developed activities for education policy makers to network amongst themselves.
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