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FLEXCoop Newsletter #2 - May 2019
Demand Response for Energy Cooperatives

FLEXCoop is a European project enabling energy cooperatives to experiment Demand Response tools and discover new business models.

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FLEXCoop, how does it work?

Few words about FLEXCoop main functionalities and different modules

FLEXCoop aims at facilitating the energy transition. It is a set of tools - physical ones like the Open Smart Box, but mostly softwares - automating your electricity consumption and making sure energy is consumed at the best time for you and for the grid. Here is an overview of the functioning of the overall FLEXCoop solution and of the role of each module.
You can read more about the project (“What is FLEXCoop?) and the role of flexibility and cooperatives (“Why FLEXCoop”) in our past Newsletter (link).
Enabling two-side communication
Within each participating household, FLEXCoop connects to sensors and devices through the Smart Box, enabling two-sides communication, from the home to FLEXCoop; and from FLEXCoop back to the user.

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FLEXCoop is taking care of its pilot users

FLEXCoop is one and a half year old already and we are reaching the mid-term of the project. The first set of components are operational and we are getting ready for implementation! Here are some highlights on few key issues related to our relationship with our pilot users.

Who wants to try out energy tech of the future?

The fist challenge related to pilot users is to find them! We are now at the final stage of selection of our pilot participants. Our cooperative partners ODE and Som Energia have found a large list of enthusiastic volunteers in Catalonia and in the Netherlands, and FLEXCoop’s technical partners have selected among them the ones with the most suitable devices. We now have a full list of 20 motivated pilot users with a mix of different technologies: heat pumps, electric boiler, electric air conditioning and solar PV that we will be able to test over the remaining one and a half year. Welcome on board and cheers to them!

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Escozon and ODE in TSO pilot for grid balancing

Escozon and ODE, the FLEXCoop Dutch cooperative partners, are participating in a Dutch pilot on balancing services to the grid.

[Image courtesy of Frans Harteveld]

This pilot led by the Dutch TSO TenneT  investigates the possibilities of supplying flexibility with the help of blockchain technology. The goal would be to use wind farms and solar plants for balancing the grid.

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The Spanish TSO open the door to residential aggregation

Currently in Spain aggregated flexibility is not tackled in the national legislation. But good news! The TSO has recently published a roadmap going into the right direction.

Red Eléctrica de España (REE, the Spanish TSO) has already elaborated a draft roadmap for the implementation of the Electricity Balancing Directive (EU regulation 2017/2195). In this drafted roadmap, REE describes  four markets to be opened.

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The next newsletter will be issued around September this year. You can still keep an eye on our website with our deliverables in the weeks to come, and on our Twitter account to get regular updates on the project and news on energy cooperatives and smart grid services.

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