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FLEXCoop Newsletter #4 - April 2020
Demand Response for Energy Cooperatives

FLEXCoop is a European project enabling energy cooperatives to experiment Demand Response tools and discover new business models.


Dear readers, curious, friends of energy cooperatives  or flexibility enthusiasts, 

In these strange and challenging times of confinement throughout Europe, the FLEXCoop project keeps on going.  We are facing some difficulties, like the impossibility to complete some pilot installations or the fact that some of our pilot users decided spending the confinement period in another place (!) All in all, we keep on working and this newsletter will introduce you to the latest achievements in the past months.

The installation of Smart Boxes and complementary tools was realised in FLEXCoop pilot sites the past months. Moreover, the first version of the Prosumer Portal is now available and will enable our pilot users to interact with their FLEXCoop tools.  We have also been reflecting on all the business models that Demand-side flexibility was opening to energy cooperatives from self-consumption to aggregation for grid services

Have a good reading!


In this newsletter

FLEXCoop installs its solution in its Spanish and Dutch pilots

FLEXCoop aims to install a fully-fledged interoperable tool suite for energy cooperatives and prosumers to trigger explicit Demand Response (DR). The deployment of our two pilot sites recently took place in Spain and the Netherlands.


Twenty users experimenting flexible consumption

FLEXCoop tools are now being tested by 20 pilot users. These users have been selected based on their suitability to achieve the project’s objectives. An agreement clause with the end-users was signed giving their consent for FLEXCoop to automate their appliance to realise Demand Response (DR) events.

The deployment of the FLEXCoop solution in the two pilot sites of the project consisted in different steps:

  1. Creation of a detailed pilot planning as a follow-up guide with established timeframes.
  2. Realising trial installations in four friendly users’ dwellings from both cooperatives.
  3. Selection of pilot users from the two cooperatives in Spain and the Netherlands.
  4. Complete installation in 20 dwellings in total for  both pilot sites.
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FLEXCoop's app to engage cooperative members in demand response and self-consumption

FLEXCoop enables cooperatives (or other Citizen Energy Communities) to use their members demand flexibility in order to consume electricity at the best time. A friendly application for the end users is an essential tool towards this direction.

FLEXCoop consortium partner Suite5 has developed a dedicated prosumer portal that will facilitate the active engagement of the cooperative members. It helps them monitoring real-time consumption data and demand response events triggered by aggregators. In addition, the prosumer portal acts as the gateway enabling cooperative members to participate in flexibility markets, performing the final step of the overall FLEXCoop project by establishing the link with the end-user.

More specifically, the Prosumer Portal aims at three key objectives: Energy awareness, flexibility and self-consumption.

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Demand-side flexibility opens new services to energy cooperative

FLEXCoop is a great opportunity for cooperatives to explore demand-side flexibility business models. Being able to use consumers-flexibility opens the field to a whole range of new roles, from the more conventional use of flexibility as an aggregator-retailer, to aggregation for providing grid services or to support to self-consumption.

(Collective) self-consumption

Self-consumption is the ability to consume electricity generated on-site, or in close proximity. It involves the capability to generate electricity locally (e.g. solar photovoltaic) and to consume this electricity either by consuming at time of generation or using storage. Self-consumption can take place at individual level (single house), or at collective level in multi-tenant building, or through “virtual connection” to a remote generation facility.

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FLEXCoop @ EUSEW 2020


FLEXCoop will hold an event together with the projects Compile (H2020) and cVPP (Interreg) at the European Sustainable Energy Week: "Energy communities supporting the energy transition", 24 June 2020, in Brussels.

Keep in touch with us

The next newsletter will be issued around June this year. You can still keep an eye on our website with our deliverables in the weeks to come, and on our Twitter account to get regular updates on the project and news on energy cooperatives and smart grid services.

You can contact our FLEXCoop Communication Manager by writing an email to:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 773909
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